Wonder were the lions are ? This week

Another loss! not what I was Lookin 4! Not only that the way they lost is frustrating winning at the half I thought o.k we're back! then bing bang boom It all fell apart! on a positive not the defense did play well and a big improvement over the calgary game! Sounds like JJ is starting this week against winipeg. I think JJ needs to seriously question his future, nobody wants a quarterback that is so unreliable especially as your starter! maybe we were better off with Dave at least we could have won a few games before he got hurt again? I hope it gets better I've had to tell a few rider fans to F_ck off this weekend when they started ribbin me about my Lions! The riders are going to get sum bad Karma soon the way they've been blowin thier own horn!unbelievably some fans are proud of that win Friday! typical attitude for them!:roll: The Lions are chillin a can of woop ass just for you and are going to open it on September 13 I'm still sticking with the LIONS! true fans don't quit! besides When we won the cup in 2000 we only won 8 games and lost 10! It Ain't over till it's over! We will rise again! GO LIONS