Won a Grey Cup as Player and Coach of same team

I think it’s exceedingly rare to win a Grey Cup as a player, and then become the Head Coach of that same team and win another Grey Cup.

I can only think of a handful of examples:

  • Kent Austin, SSK (1989, 2007)
  • Pinball Clemons, TOR (1996 etc, 2004)
  • Dave Dickenson, CAL (1998 as a backup, 2018 )
  • And, I think, Ralph Sazio (1953, 1960s)

Hopefully we can add to this list very soon.

Have I missed any?

Did Etcheverry coach Montreal or Parker coach Edmonton to a Cup?

How about player and GM? Would Zuger and maybe Hufnegal be the only ones?

George Brancato - Ottawa
Sam Etcheverry - Montreal
Bud Grant - Winnipeg
Les Lear - Calgary
Ted Morris - Toronto
Brian Timmis - Hamilton (played with the Tigers but coached the Wildcats)

How about Jake Guidar? (sorry about the spelling)

Dave Beckman '91.

Who? Not Posh Spice’s hubby, I hope.

Thanks Mightypope.

Wikipedia (that most reliable of all sources) agrees with you on Brancato, Lear, Morris and Timmis. (Apparently Lear was both a player and head coach at the same time - different era.)

However, the same source tells me that Grant and Etcheverry did not win Grey Cups as players for WPG and MTL. What years do you have them winning as players?

LOL . That would be Beckham .

Dave Beckman who the Dork mentioned would be the one and only incompetent drunken lush we had here as our coach for the last half of the 1990 season and the first half of the 1991 season before getting canned for going 0-8 to start the season . Without a doubt one of the worst if not the worst hiring this team has ever had as a Head Coach . :-[

This is one guy whose name will NEVER be seen on the Ti-Cats Wall of Honour . :o

Neither Bud Grant nor Sam Etcheverry won any Grey Cups as players.

Sadly this fellow missed out on joining the select fraternity when for health reasons he had to step down as head coach a couple of games into the 1987 season:

The Edmonton Eskimos went on to win the Grey Cup that year.


Was Al Bruno one?

This is true. My old brain was just thinking of them as players who coached their former team to victory.

Al Bruno played for the Argos, not the Ticats.

And ironically enough he missed out the year before when a certain underdog team from Hamilton hammered his Eskimos in Grey Cup ‘86’ . ;D 8)

Player and GM: Jake Gaudaur

Played: 1942 Toronto RCAF Hurricanes
1953 Hamilton Tiger Cats

GM : 1957, 63, 65,67 Hamilton Tiger Cats

Yeah, and the Eskimos came out looking so tough during the player introductions that game! It was the Tiger-Cats who played it tough that day though.


I had that Grey Cup recorded on VHS. Used to pull it out for rewatching once in a while. Great game.

You are thinking exatly the same as me watching the walkouts.