Womens World Hockey Championship 2017

Opening match, preview of inevitable final on TSN tonite - USA vs. Canada

Love watching the fast-pace of womens hockey at its highest levels; not much hitting but that doesn't deny the opportunity for rugged or hard core play.

Only down-side is you want to find out what the bottom of a sewer tastes like turn into the machine-like babbling with total lack of focus emitted from Rod Black's secondary orifice - his mouth!

Other than trying to turn down the sound and avoid Rod - this is great hockey. Unfortunately, TSN chooses to send its worst and cheapest broadcaster - cuz he's got nothing better to do. Frankly, give Chael Sonnen, Mike Goldberg, John Scott and George Lapierre about 30 minutes of training and they'd be instantly better. :cowboy:

Have to say the USA has surpassed Canada at the women's level. Too many American colleges giving full meal deal scholarships for hockey.

Americans a bit faster overall - slightly stronger on the puck and a bit more disciplined.

Canada's sole advantage is its oft-spectacular netminder - and a couple of solid defensive pairings!

Notice the librarian coaching team Canada!

Yeah, Team USA was the better team but a couple of posts hurt too. A wake up call for the girls.

Wasn't quite the wake-up call Canada expected, was it?

Mighty Canada toppled by the ambitious but under-sized Finns, 4-3.

No question now USA is the one super=power in women's hockey.

Expect massive changes soon as Hockey Canada will panic pre-Olympics and prolly fire The Librarian as head coach - not really their most pressing problem!

Under-sized forwards and defense who are too easily moved off the puck is the biggest problem. #2 problem is puck possession and passing - which is putrid.

Goaltending will be a problem is Szabados leaves - again!

All the big, sturdy and puck possession players Canada had last 10 to 15 years have aged out = leaving the program in the hands of meek munchkins and improper management.

As for anyone suggesting The Big Girl, Wickenheiser be brought back - think again - she's pretty much dried out and doesn't have 1/2 the strength or speed she once possessed. Might consider her for mid-management or as assistant coach position though!

No question Lyle. They have to get it together but I guess all the teams in the A division go on, just the 3rd and 4th think it is have to play an extra game.

The other thing that you are missing is that the other programs are starting to catch up & surpass Canada in terms of infrastructure and number of girls playing the game... the US women's program is the standard... and will be for a long time.

Canada still has the most girls participating in hockey & ringette from 4 up - all the tiny tim Horton leagues in small towns to big cities.

Problem is improper funnelling of the better players into elite programs. Most quality Canadian girls end up at U.S. colleges which have avid (still small compared to basketball or football) crowds - but the state of development is far better than hi-school hockey (which still has far too many incapable girls to round out rosters) or even Canadian college hockey.

Canadian players are seeded at various USA colleges but in vast minority compared to U.S. players. Thus if the pool for national teams is 98% U.S. college teams - the U.S. colleges have the bigger (and by nature better) pool to select from. That goes for coaching too - although there should be nothing stopping Hock Canada from hiring an American coach, manager, etc. to marshall the forces.

This Canadian team might be a tad better than Finland so Szabados might have to stand on her head twice.

But for sure the Americans are full of their own P.R. now and they don't just want to beat Canada - they want to scalp us! :cowboy:

That was a much better effort yesterday, hopefully this is a sign of a continued uprise in this tournament for the Canadian women's team.

Should be an excellent final tonight for the girls playing the US. Goaltending was outstanding with Szabados sharp agains’t the Fins for the shutout.

Go Canada!

One thing Rod(ent) Black can't be pleased with.

TSN has flown professional announcer Blake Price into Detroit to call play-by-play of the Canada/USA final.

He'll be paired either with Tessa Bonhomme or Carla - but NOT with Rod's broadcast color partner - Cheryl Pounder.

Its bad news all-round for Rodent Rod if TSN has hired a VP responsible for broadcast quality - guys like Black (he's the worst) have been literally getting away with murder for years, well over a decade with putrid broadcasting of CFL, NBA, figure-skating, Olympics & now women's world hockey.

Hopefully TSN realizes they've become the laughing stock of sports broadcasting - allowing mouth monkeys like Black, Cabbie Cabral, Bryan Mudryk, Cathy Gauthier & others to announce pro sports. Getting the NHL back from Sportsnet in a few years might have been a possibility but all Sportsnet has to do is show NHL honchos a few tapes of Rod fumbling round and doing diddly squat to enhance their brand.

In fact, guys like Rodent Black, Cabby, Mudryk, Michael Landsbergh & few others have been desecrating the TSN brand for far too long.

Kudos to the TSN execs who had the gonads to stand up to Black, remove him from tonite's broadcast and gap fill with an above average guy like Blake Price. :cowboy:

Tough loss for the girls in OT tonight. Those Americans are pesky as all get out.

In terms of broadcasting sports, and I'm not all that famililar with this I'll admit, but Buck Martinez broadcasting Jays games is so boring. I'll take Rod Black over Buck.

Valiant effort from the Canadian side tonite - but they're still a step behind the americans in most categories - 1. Speed, 2. Power, 3. Finesse, 4. Discipline. Canada has an advantage in the net - but not by enough to make a difference. Canada will need a gargantuan choke job at the next Olympics to retain Gold.

As far as Microphone Monkeys are concerned. Rod Black is about as bad as it gets - but Buck Martinez and that droll Tabby guy do over 150 games - almost everyone of them sound the same - Buck more the cheerleader than the broadcaster. Its been the same since MLB came to Canada in 1969 - the game broadcasters are still trying to sell the game more than call it - assume most Canadians know zippo about baseball. Dave Van Horne was the first super-salesman/pbp man with the expos in the late 60s thru 70s - the late Tom Cheek was actually the most unbiased and knowledgeable guy of all who've broadcast baseball on Canadian soil.

In fairness to Buck - he’s just a 70 year old ex-hobo MLB catcher who works for a broadcaster that also owns the team. He’d be canned if he didn’t shine a ton of boot leather every game. So the guy essentially is trying like the dickens to hold down his job - which means not calling a spade a spade - and routinely lying about the Jays and some of their worst players! :cowboy:

I disagree, Buck is one the best in the business... there are plenty of homers in sports broadcasting... did you ever listen to Bob Cole/Harry Neale on HNIC? One of the reasons I don't want see the Maple Leafs in the playoffs... because Toronto's Sports Network, CBC & Sportsnet will forget about the other Canadian teams until the Leafs lose out... add to that I'm so sick of hearing about Austin Matthews... he is a good player, no question, but these guys need to tone it down a little... conversely, it seems that no one in the States cares about women's hockey, and that is too bad for the USA women's team... its too bad they don't get the coverage that women's soccer team gets...

Buck the snoozer. He’s likeable though albeit I don’t watch all that much Blue Jays baseball.

Soccer though in the US has so many more players at the grassroots level than hockey I’m sure and I think that is one reason it has a much higher profile. My guess is hockey is looked upon due to costs involved as an elite sport as well.

I would much rather have Buck call the games, than say, Jamie Campbell... of those that cover the Jays, he and Gregg Zaun have to be the worst... then again, they could bring back another homer like Fergie Olver...

Jamie needs to do arts and theatre I would say. Which is ok BTW. Sports and Jamie seems a disconnect.

Sorry they lost. They deserved better.