Women's World Curling Championship

Canada is into the playoffs and started with a win this morning. Next game at 11:00 Eastern. Just letting everyone know because you will have a hard time finding info on TSN.ca - the #1 Curling broadcaster in Canada and maybe the world. It's 7th on the list in the 'more sports' tab. Or you can scroll down their main page past golf, soccer, tennis and 3-legged racing to find a story about it. They haven't even bothered to post the scores across the top. In fact they are still showing Brier scores from weeks ago. Very disappointing for a main broadcaster of a world event that is pretty darn popular in these parts.


Thanks for the game time update. I have no problem finding curling on TSN on one of their five channels. It’s always on. I’m not sure what you are referring to as a result.

Good to hear that Einarson won the first game in the playoffs. She has had a dominant year in Canada but has struggled at the World’s, where she had second place all but locked up before losing to some teams she wasn’t expected to lose to.

Manitobans are watching her closely.

I’m not happy with their website coverage. They have done a terrible job promoting it this week. They could at least post the scores on top instead of leaving the Brier scores up there. I like Einarson’s chances against Norway. But those darn Swiss…

Yeah I don’t follow on the website. Just visit there for stories. I have no problem with the TV coverage. Go Canada!

Love to watch The Measurement. Wish I had one of those things. It's way more interesting than 'video review'

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Tough 4th end for Canada. Need 2 with the hammer in the 5th.

Important steal for Canada. I wonder if Norway will try to blank the next end. Maybe too early to start that.

I’m watching it. Canada once again has left points on the ice but they are not out of it yet. Should be a good finish.

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Nice last rock by Einarson in the 8th to tie it at 5 heading to the 9th. Norway has the hammer.

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Not good

I like Norway's nod to Thomas Ulsrud on their jerseys

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No it isn’t. I’m afraid that’s all she wrote. I can’t understand how Kerri can steamroll the best field in the world 4 years in a row in the Canadian championships but struggle in the worlds, which she has yet to win. Oh well, that’s sports I guess.

It’s too bad. Need a big miss here - or two

Well at least Einarson picked up the bronze.

(Canada's Einarson defeats Sweden to win bronze at Women's World Curling Championship Canada's Kerri Einarson defeats Sweden to win bronze at Women's World Curling Championship | TSN)

The rest of the world got better Canada did not… It happens. I suspect strength training and more aggressive play calling on the rest of the ladies teams in the world. Not to mention the fact the winning teams always make far less mistakes than the teams they beat. Canada sadly has made more mistakes than opponents did in their losses… Unforced errors so to speak.

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