Women's Soccer vs the Grey Cup

I am dismayed as to why the Canada National Women's Soccer team would schedule a friendly on Grey Cup Sunday at B.C. Place. I didn't catch the details but I sure hope they are playing later in the day as far as Western Time maybe at 7:00 pm local time or something because otherwise it does not make much sense to me and if the Lions happen to get in the Grey Cup I would think even less but that's an obvious unknown and I am not a soccer fan. Anybody know any further details?

The world doesn't come to a stop just because the Grey Cup is taking place. I look outside my window during the Grey Cup and see hundreds of cars drive by, people walking the dog, jogging or whatever. Not everybody cares about football. Plus some of the audience that watches soccer is probably people of foreign origin who haven't adopted the North American sports yet. Ultimately it wouldn't affect the TV ratings for the Grey Cup.

but but but...the world should stop :cowboy:

RevClark - on the BC Place website it has a starting time of 1:00PM Pacific Time for the game - so over before 3:00PM - kickoff of the Grey Cup is likely sometime after 3:00PM Pacific time - so no direct conflict.

I doubt any of the fans going to the Women’s game in Vancouver would watch the Grey Cup anyway.
Doesn’t effect TV viewers either. Is there NHL hockey being played at the same time this year?
Last season the GC in Toronto was held during the US Thanksgiving weekend, because of the Thursday games there was only one NFL game at 4PM and one at 9PM, and no hockey, basketball or NASCAR. The GC had most of that prime 6:30 to 8:30 time slot to themselves no competition.

Ok now I get it that makes so much more sense. Thanks for the info guys. I just thought it was kind of silly to go up against the Grey Cup which is traditionally the highest rated tv audience of the year in Canada. Even though I cannot stand soccer I thought the ladies deserved more respect then to be buried up against the Grey Cup but I see the timing is different and perhaps the may even get a bump in the ratings from those who want to watch something live rather than the hours and hours of Grey Cup pregame.

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