Women's Canadian Football Leagues

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this is so awesome. i am super envious of those girls and their opportunity to play tackle football.

Here's an excerpt from an upcoming article on BC Lions' assistant coach Tanya Walter.

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The event will feature 12 women’s flag teams from both Quebec and Ontario that will participate in a single day tournament (round robin and playoff) to both showcase their talents and attempt to earn Gold at the event.

“Women’s collegiate flag football continues to grow rapidly in Ontario and across the country and we could not be more excited to help showcase the teams and athletes that are on the forefront of this growth. Having this event as one of our main pillars for Football Weekend in Ontario is a great way to show future collegiate athletes that women’s flag football is an amazing option as you move into post secondary life. We hope to have lots of people from the community come check out these great athletes.” said Aaron Geisler, Executive Director of Football Ontario.

Action will get underway at 12:00pm EST with round robin play, the Quarter Finals are currently set for 6:00pm EST, the Semi Finals are currently set for 7:00pm EST, with the Championship Game following at 8:00p.m EST.

“The CCWF Showcase sets a precedent that women in football have a space in collegiate sport, provincially and nationally. With Quebec and Ontario teams coming together for a showcase in parallel to the USports Vanier Cup and in front of a football crowd and city, we hope to inspire young girls, women, and allies to try football and see its potential for high performance. More importantly, these are some of the top women’s flag athletes in the country, all while being students who continuously advocate for their right to play. A cool feature about Friday’s showcase is that we’ll be playing a version of football (5-a-side flag) that will be featured at the 2028 Olympics for both men and women. We hope everyone’s excited to watch!” says Olivia Ghosh-Swaby, Executive Director of OWIFA.

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A new league for women/girls:

November 23, 2022

Football Ontario Announces Ontario Women’s Football League

Women’s Only Tackle Football League Sanctioned for Spring 2023

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario has announced the Ontario Women’s Football League (OWFL). The first- ever women’s tackle football league will run this coming spring, 2023.

Football Ontario members are invited to register teams in the OWFL for the inaugural spring/ summer season. The purpose of the OWFL is “to develop a league where girls and young women, often marginalised in the sport of football, can find like-minded teammates and participate in the sport without being limited to the periphery due to barriers, both real and perceived.”

For 2023, the OWFL will field teams in two tackle football age divisions: U19 (players born 2005/06/07) and U16 (players born 2008/09/10). Currently, 12 centres across the province have expressed interest in joining the league: Burlington, Brantford, Cambridge, Cumberland, Guelph, Huronia, London Wolfpaac, Niagara Generals, Niagara Spears, Oakville, Peel, Waterloo. Centres can open registrations on December 1, in order to determine adequate player and coach interest in time ahead of the season.

The OWFL is currently planning on a 6v6 format. Minimum roster size will be 12 players, while maximum roster will be 24 players. A minimum of 4 coaches are required for each team, and at least 2 coaches should be female.

Currently, the first proposed event will be a jamboree on May 13th, for all teams to participate in mini-games. This will serve as a pre-season event, with the regular 6- game season beginning on May 20th. The tentative semi-final will be July 8th and the championship game on July 15th.

The OWFL will also serve as a step in Football Ontario’s pathway to Team Ontario U18 Women’s Tackle Team. Women playing in the OWFL at the U18 age level (2006, 2007, 2008) will have the opportunity to try out for Team Ontario and compete at the National Championship.

“The OWFL will open so many more avenues for young women in football. This is truly an exciting time for young women and the development of football in our province and I am honoured to be a part of it.” Marny Sharpen, Co-Chair OWFL and Chair Ontario Summer Football League.

“The launch of the OWFL reflects an important step in completing the football development pathway for girls and young women in Ontario. As Team Ontario’s Head Coach and father of a 14 year old girls’ tackle player, I’m excited to be part of the development and delivery of this new avenue for our athletes.” – Mark Ouellet, Co-Chair OWFL and Team Ontario’s U18 Women’s Tackle Head Coach.

And they say football is declining.

It is wonderful that more women are taking up the sport.

Yeah, certainly the women's game keeps growing in Canada. I hope that will prompt more young men to start playing again in regions where the numbers have been declining. It'd be great to get womens' and mens teams in more USports schools.

By my count, 53 USports schools have women's soccer teams. Let's get to at least half that with Canadian football.

Heck, there are even 27 schools with women's rugby teams.

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Responding to yourself as I am at the hospital with my Dad as he's recovering from knee surgery.

Sorry to hear that. I hope it went well, and that he didn't have to wait too long for it.

He's in good spirits. Not bad for someone who's about to turn 82 in December (21st).

Waited almost 14 months for the date to be available.

Not very efficient if you ask me.

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I'm not sure if I'm too late to catch the action or if I'm just not twitching properly.

Not quite up to TSN quality, but we have live action.

Nice touch on this pass. @tony I'm guessing it's Concordia who pull of that play.

Based on the jersey colour, yes Concordia.
Maybe Maciocia should have a look. Can throw further and with accuracy than Harris.

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It was a sweet throw, though, wasn't it?

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Indeed it was.