Women's Canadian Football Leagues

I like this idea. Heck, I'd even like to see senior men's semi-pro teams involved. The NFC-AFL champ could face the MFL champ.

I believe a couple of teams this season are having their own mini versions of this, with a USports-CFL double header. Edmonton is one, IIRC. Maybe Saskatchewan is the other?

But since the CFL moved up the Grey Cup one week, it's not possible to have a football championship weekend.

2022 Grey Cup (November 20 from Regina)

2022 Vanier Cup (November 26 from Saskatoon)

Anyways it won't be possible now anytime soon.

Looks like expansion might be in the works for the Quebec-Ontario league.

We hope this will happen within two years. We are in discussions with people from Toronto and Trois-Rivières to add two other teams, confirms the commissioner of the league , Andréanne Dupont-Parent.

Good grief. The Grey Cup should played AFTER the Vanier Cup, not before!

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That's why I say.

But the dum dums in the CFL aren't seeing it.

The WWCFL championship game runs this weekend.

WWCFL FINAL - Saturday, June 25

Manitoba Fearless at Saskatoon Valkyries, 7 p.m. at SMF Field

I think the MWFL championship will also be this weekend, but I haven't been able to find any results from the semi-finals last weekend.

Here's one of the semi-final results:

So it looks like the finals will be Halifax Xplosion vs Saint John Storm on Saturday. I think Saint John got a bye directly to the finals.

And here's the official FB post:

Football Weekend in Saskatchewan Sept 16-17
Riders host the Elks (Friday)
Prairie Thunder(Regina) host the Hilltops (Junior,Saturday)
UofR Rams host the UofS Huskies (Saturday)

Definitely need to see more of this. It will be hard to coordinate with the WWFL if their season does not align.

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Yeah, I think the WWCFL season will be over in a few weeks, but maybe they'll involve the two Saskatchewan teams somehow.

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The WWCFL final will be live streamed on FB from the Valkyries site.

Well, congrats to both teams. From what I've read on FB, the game ended in a 10-10 tie after 4 OTs. They share the trophy.

Game on: