Women's Canadian Football Leagues

Relief! I’m going to bookmark this in case anyone accuses me of making too long a post again. :grin:

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The WWCFL season is about to start. Here's the schedule:

Fyi, the Lions' new defensive assistant, Tanya Walter, used to play in this league.

Where would I find the broadcast of these games?

I don't know if they are broadcast at all. I'll keep an eye out on the league's FB page this weekend. Maybe they'll stream some of them online?

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Well, I couldn't find any streams of the games. Heck, I couldn't even find the results until today. Here they are. Doesn't look as though they were particularly competitive matches.

Youtube stream of Women's Collegiate Flag Football Champships:

The two teams from Quebec dominated the tournament, with Montreal winning gold.

Nice to see the growth of the game, and I hope this leads to even more USports schools getting teams.

“If you can’t play nice, play women’s tackle football.”

Here's another article on the growth of women's football, especially in the Ottawa area:

"Two Ottawa high schools (St. Mark and St. Joseph) have teams — and others are interested. At the club level — in the National Capital Amateur Football Association — the Cumberland Panthers are trailblazers. There’s also a women’s team, the Capital Rebels, in Ottawa."

The WWCFL has a bye week this week for the national team tryouts in Ottawa, but they'll be back next week.

And the 3-team (Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa) Central Canadian Women's Football League starts next weekend with Montreal visiting Quebec City.

Busy weekend for women's football leagues:


Saturday, June 4
Calgary Rage at Edmonton Storm (1p.m. at Olexiuk Field)
Saskatoon Valkyries at Regina Riot (7 p.m. at Mosaic Stadium)

Sunday, June 5
Winnipeg Wolfpack at Manitoba Fearless (1 p.m. at East Side Eagles Field)


Sat. June 4
Phoenix de Québec at Montreal Blitz


Saturday June 4
Saint John Storm at Fredericton Nissan Lady Gladiators

I wonder if the city of Toronto would ever have a team in this league? :laughing:

You can ask why I put a laughie but I won't answer.

They have plans to expand to Toronto.

The league currently has two teams: The Montreal Blitz and the Ottawa-Gatineau Capital Rebels. It aims to add teams in Quebec City, Toronto, Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie.

Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie are a bit isolated. I wonder if they could try for Kingston. It'd much easier traveling.

I'd like to see the CFL maybe sponsor some type of round robin tournament of the champions of the three women's leagues.

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A team from Toronto! That'll be interesting to see. I bet they'll never win a game for years, decades. Seriously, Toronto has ladies with the ability to play a tough sport like gridiron football? Seriously. No way. :slight_smile:

One of the movers and shakers of the CCWFL is part of the CFL’s Women in Football Program. Hopefully she can take some lessons from that an apply it to growing the CCWFL.

Montreal beat Quebec City. But apparently the game was called early due to weather.

Further east, Halifax won big.

It looks like it was rivalry weekend out west. I stil haven't seen the results of these games announced.

Anyone in Regina know what kind of attendance the Saskatoon vs Regina game at Mosaic might get?


Saturday, June 4

Calgary Rage at Edmonton Storm (1p.m. at Olexiuk Field)

Saskatoon Valkyries at Regina Riot (7 p.m. at Mosaic Stadium)

Sunday, June 5

Winnipeg Wolfpack at Manitoba Fearless (1 p.m. at East Side Eagles Field

Saskatoon beat Regina 33-14.
The Regina Leader Post had a bit on the game:

Kasey McCombs starred for the Riot in its regular-season finale, rushing 24 times for 233 yards, including a 91-yard touchdown. The Riot’s other TD was courtesy of an 11-yard pass from Shanelle Rioux to Kyla Krenbrink.

Valkyries quarterback Alex Eyolfsen threw for 240 yards and three touchdowns. Reed Thorstad had two TD receptions. Haley Girolomi caught six passes for 94 yards and one score. Saskatoon’s Sarah Wright rushed 25 times for 179 yards and one major.

Ava Bowns led the Riot in defensive tackles, with seven. Danae Nicholson added six solo tackles, two assisted tackles and two pass knockdowns. Tamara Brunwald and Tamara Exner had quarterback sacks for Regina.

Not women's league news, but national U18 championship news:


Many of these women, I'm sure, will be plying their trade in the WWCFL, CCWFL, or MWFL someday.

Results from the rivalry weekend. Poor Winnipeg!


Saturday, June 4

Calgary Rage 27, Edmonton Storm 17

Saskatoon Valkyries 33, Regina Riot 14

Sunday, June 5

Manitoba Fearless 85, Winnipeg Wolfpack 0

Here's what's on tap for this weekend:


Saturday, June 11

Lethbridge Steel at Edmonton Storm (1 p.m. at Olexiuk Field)

Prairie Conference Quarterfinals

Sunday, June 12

Winnipeg Wolfpack at Saskatoon Valkyries (1 p.m. at SMF Field)

Regina Riot at Manitoba Fearless (1 p.m. at East Side Eagles Field)

I agree. My suggestion to promote the Usports and Junior Football, at least, is to have an annual “Celebration of Canadian Football “ Weekend in conjunction with the Grey Cup. This is how it could work;
Grey cup weekend schedule;
Saturday @ 1:00 pm local time- The Canadian Bowl (CJFL Championship)
Saturday at 7:00 pm local -Vanier cup
Sunday- Grey Cup

All of these games would be hosted and played in the same Grey Cup host city on the same Grey Cup weekend in the same Football Facility.

This would also give all of the CFL scouts a chance to see the best that Canada has in action on the same weekend in the same venue

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Furthermore, a National Women’s Championship could be played on the Friday night of this same weekend