Women's Canadian Football Leagues

I was thinking, a good way to pump up attendance for the men's CFL games would be to have a nine team women's CFL league.

Just like Ohio high school basketball where the JV team plays the same school at the same gym, hours before the varsity game, there should be a women's CFL with the same team colors and nicknames as the current CFL.

The women's league would play 2 1/2 hours before the men's game at the same stadium, except their games would be 10 minute quarters instead of 15. The other rules would be probably the same. The women would play the same schedule and the dates and location would be identical to the men. The fans would get two games for the price of one. The women would get paid $100 per game per player.

I'd be curious to see that.

Pretend the below picture is the women's version of the Calgary Stampeders or Ottawa RedBlacks (and not Regina):


This picture looks like the lady Alouettes vs. the lady Roughriders:


I'd rather have football cards of cutie players like this one (lady BC Lions player):

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Too many good one's would leave to play for the WNFL . :grinning: it pays so much better and the women's NCAA football factories down there make our women look like they we never coached properly .

Might as well fold this new league up before a hundred years pass and it's still there mocking us on the Vulcan mind melt intergalactic CFL forum in 2121 .

Worth exploration.

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I'd like to see the league do a bit more to promote the women's leagues that already exist. At the very least, add a few more stories about these leagues and the matches/scores on their website and FB feeds.

I also would like to see a female coach or player from one of these teams or from the national team involved on the TSN panel. Someone who would take the job of analyzing the games a bit more seriously.

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The league barely does anything to promote Usports, Junior Football and High School football. Why would we expect them to support a WCFL league?

We probably shouldn't expect it. But we should want it. :neutral_face:


My point was to discontinue the existing league(s) and have a WCFL in its place.

I think it'd be wiser to promote the current leagues--and the female game in general--first. Then, if the support grows, the stakeholders could consider forming one national league.

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Interesting idea - is their enough women playing the game?

Yes, there are two major semi pro leagues -- WNFC and the WFA. You can google that.

I say go with 35 man rosters and 10 minute quarters and rule modifications to "dumb down" the game so there's less to learn. With 35 man rosters and 10 minute quarters you can have players going both ways to account for any talent shortages.

I certainly would throw my hand up in favour of it. Is any big wigs pushing this idea do you know?

Red, white, and blue Lady Alouette player (use your imagination) and a cutie too:


By the way, this message stream needs to stay on the 'CFL talk' since the proposed women's league will be using the identical team names and team colors as the existing men's team. If this were about different team names and colors that would make sense to demote it to the other leagues/entertainment forum.

Not sure why this was demoted to the other leagues and entertainment and therefore would get second hat attention.

You can't get parity with women's tackle football if each team is responsible for getting their own players. A player draft is critical at this stage since the talent gap is huge at this point in time. Promoting the existing league(s) won't do any good because promotion doesn't fix parity.

And if you don't have immediate parity, the game will be lopsided and the interest will cease to be and never grow.

Yea I agree, you would need parity amongst the teams or you might as well right the whole thing off. I’m not sure this is the right time but for only reason, until somebody brought this up I’ve never heard of women’s football league before. I’m all in favour if the interest is there.

Quit your job spend all your free time traveling, practicing and playing for 18 hundred dollars a year!

That tryout lineup is going to be huge

The female players on the team prep the field, clean the stadiums toilets, clean up the parking lot trash, during the week for their assigned teams. In other words, they take away the jobs from others.

In addition they work restaurant jobs during the week (set aside jobs) that is coordinated with the various fast food chains and each team.

In addition each team has a big "Green Bay Packers-like" fund drive for the general public to purchase stock in each team that hopefully pays for their room and board each year.

Each team practices no more than 3 times a week with modified rules.

Anything of value to contribute?