Women’s Worlds Hockey

How in the name of Lord Stanley do the Americans always fall into the manure trough and come up with a diamond ring? The Finns were absolutely and shamefully robbed on that travesty of a call, negating the cup winning goal, followed by the acknowledgment of the American goal tender’s interference on a potential rebound shot by a 2 minute penalty.

Why is women’s hockey not supported by viewers and attendance? That shameful, incompetent call by the video judge, leaving the official who made the correct call out to dry is an example of why. I applaud the Finnish fans for the booing of the officials and the American team, and condemn the announcers for not calling the result for what it was. A travesty in my opinion.

Can I assume the officials were women?

Sex of the officials is immaterial. The competence of the video replay official is not.

Agree with you Palmer.


The Happiest Country in The World got screwed, IIHF should look into it.
How do you call Goalie Interference and a penalty on the Goalie on the same play ?
She was outside the paint.

It was definitely a scam reversal - but the 45 to 60 seconds the Finns actually celebrated world gold was priceless - particularly how despondent Team USA looked . . . .

Team Canada shouldn’t celebrate either - but they were beaten cleanly by the plucky Finns. Canadian women’s hockey has peaked - more good players now being developed down south due mainly to a strong college women’s hockey program.

Don’t understand quite how the USA women took a dump vs. FInland - but prolly much of it had to do was having a letdown when they realized they weren’t gonna get another opportunity to pulverize Canada in the golden game. Once Canada was smothered by finland - USA players prolly let down and figured all they had to do was show up - SAY BOO - and scare the Finns off the ice!

It would be great for the women’s hockey if someone other then Canada or the US won a gold medal. Sadly, it sounds like the Finns were robbed.

All the on ice refs called it a goal. It was video review people who called it back. Congrats, women’s hockey is now equal to the men’s… This is a joke and probably one good reason nobody watches… I watched the play over and over and the Amer goalie did not have control of the puck OR she was trying to shovel it to her team mate. Either way, it’s goal. The on ice refs were going to call a tripping penalty on the Amer goalie and say the goal was good and they did… Travesty is not the word I would use, same amount of letters though… I wonder how the Amers can feel like champs ? They all know the truth too…Also, it’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened and favoured the Amers.

What Canada needs to do is bring in more Amers and Euros and teach them our game and cover all the costs to do it. Then we can sit back and wonder why those other countries keep beating us. We are much nicer than the Finns. They don’t do this. Only Canada does. Same as the men’s hockey… It makes it harder and harder for me to watch.

:o The biggest issue for Canada are the enormous costs of playing hockey at a young age. It’s no longer realistic for lower or most middle-income parents for that matter to fund their young children. Costs are through the roof! Hockey is failing at a grassroots level in Canada which means there is a smaller pool from which to draw for future pro hockey players.

I place a lot of the blame on the former head of Hockey Canada, Bob Nicholson. Good for raising money at high profile events, but not so good at developing programs in sync with various levels of government to make hockey affordable for those without higher incomes. Currently, he is failing at his job as CEO of the Oilers.

Just flipping channels and I happened on this game with the crucial game winning goal by the Finns.
Nearly 15 minutes to review an obvious goal.
The fix must have been in for US to have the goal overturned.
One of the worst reviewed calls ever.

Agree , Gretzky has said it in interviews . Many other older NHLers are stating it .

Hockey is becoming an elite sport in terms of cost and it’s not getting the number of players they would like .

Upper middle class if your kid is in the higher levels . No way middle class or lower middle class or lower could ever afford for the kid to play at the higher levels today .

The unnecessary travel costs for tournaments far away , equipment , cost to join etc… is hard on a family with more than one child .

Hockey was not suppose to go this way but it’s systemic in it’s nature now . Great for other countries to compete with us and catch up .

None of this explains why Canada would bring in foreign kids and forget helping our own.


Nah! Canadian hockey has peaked, and it is not interesting to watch anymore. No more players like Holtby and Crosby, no more Toronto Mapple leaves. Canadian hockey is dying , and is dying fast. I am a big fan of ICE and I love to watch hockey,but I did not see any beautiful and fair play for the last year. That’s why I am watching European hockey league and especially Spengler’s cup. There are lots of good games you can watch. Every match is brilliant, the bets are high if you want to make some money as well. You need to be cautious on Spengler cup standings. Try not to miss that, this is way much be