Women’s Football 101 presented by Nutribar

Monday, October 17th
6-8:30pm at Ivor Wynne Stadium

Learn the ins and outs of CFL Football from the pros.

Cost: $99 for you and a guest

Evening to include:

  • In-class session with Ticats players and coaches
  • Participation in on-field drills
  • Tour of the stadium from behind the scenes.

Also includes: 2 free Sliver Level tickets ($116 value) for the October 22nd game vs BC Lions, dinner on us, and a Nutribar giftbag.

Deadline to register – October 14th 2011

To purchase tickets contact:
Nicole Demers
905-547-2287 Ext. 259


If I remember correctly, years ago, I believe it was Don Southerin who used conduct a similar seminar series for women through the Tiger cats explaining defensive football.

On the PBS station in Buffalo, one of the Bills players, at that time, used to host a show that would explain different aspects of American football.

I would certainly be interested if the Cats were to have football classes for guys to improve their understanding and appreciation of Canadian football. Explaining formations, strategies and the like.

I'm kind of surprised that the league doesn't have such a tool on their website for newbies to the game and those just starting to watch.

Just thinking out loud..

I certainly have a lot to understand about the finer points of Canadian football, and I would also benefit from something like that if it were available to guys, though I'm not sure if I could take advantage, since I don't live close enough to Hamilton.

For a couple of games last year, the TiCats website had articles on certain plays, with detailed analyses, pictures, etc. I found that pretty informative (slow motion video would have been even better). Khari Jones' videos on the TiCats website explaining the 4 choices of first run and first pass plays for this Friday's game were also helpful (though I don't expect there are going to be more of those. Don't want to give away the playbook).

Keep an eye out for Argo coach Jim Barker trying to sneak in wearing a dress.

Doea that mean you don't think he'll be named Coach of the Year again? Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

As to the ladies' football classes...excellent opportunity!

Oh, I thought this had something to do with the lingere league.

Jim Barker in a dress? Nope, can't picture it. Mike OShea could probably pull it off though.

Hi Cossack:

Are you sure Barker will be there to learn or maybe recruit for the team.

OMG....the image of Barker in a dress...there goes my appetite for lunch!!!!

Barker will be there only for the Nutri-Bar gift bag.

Come on, Tangledweb, be real!!!!

Barker would need a lot more than one Nutribar gift bag!!!

Well, that's a little disappointing. When I saw the thread title I clicked on it, hoping I could learn about mysteries such as ... How do they keep the lingerie from being pulled off during the games?

Double sided tape! :rockin:

Here's hoping we can get some of the CFL refs into this course.