Women in the broadcast booth

for the major leagues and cfl, how do you like the idea and is it better for one sport over another?

I like the idea but admit it might be hard getting used to it.

Felt kinda weird hearing a womans voice during the first Nashville NHL playoff game.

Love Cassie - she's better than most of the old Rogers/Sportsnet mopes who've infested the game broadcasts since S-Net took over the deal from TSN.

The baseball gal is pretty darn good, I must say. Not steeped in knowledge like Ty Cobb's on-base average or somesuch but really good at breaking down the current game.

Jays don't have much in the booth. Mostly mechanical announcers, annoying sidemen (Wilner) and too careful color analysts. Buck Martinez is as average a pbp man as there ever was. The new kid on radio sounds OK, haven't heard enough of the radio games to finalize an opinion.

No NO No .

Love it for womens sports ; hate it for mens

You need the correct voice even for men too high and squeaky and it annoys the heck out of you . SO unless you got a deep throated gravelly voiced woman who sounds like she just smoked a pack and downed a few whiskeys there is not a lot to choose from .

Then there's that squawky-voiced, mindless pipsqueak named Rod Black. Other than the odd NBA game and 40% of all CFL games (a total disgrace immo) Black is mostly limited to womens hockey broadcasts (where you say there should be a woman doing the broadcasts) and figure skating (Rod is neither here nor there on that one - but he's no Dick Button either)

Whoever the woman is that does commentary on TNT/TSN/SN NBA broadcasts is terrible. Has a harsh, low pitched voice with no inflection at all.

Cassie Campbell is great. CBC/SN should give her more work.