Women and Football

Ive noticed that there are a few female coaches around the CFL. TSN had a story last night about Tanya Walter as assistant coach in BC.

Amanda Ruller did a stint as guest coach in Saskatchewan now down to Seattle.

A few female officials.

The Riders have hire Daniella Ponticelli for their post game who seems to be doing a solid job.

Good to see some of this shift if nothing else from a marketing perspective


Agree love this

All the ladies seemed to have fit right in as refs and coaches.
All were qualified with football experience.

I have no idea how they're adjusting behind the scenes, but a few times during yesterday's broadcasts and those women sure looked like coaches, laser-focused on the action unfolding on the field. Some of them, I believe, are actually head coaches in women's leagues, so it makes sense.

Itd be nice to get more of these coaches involved in some way. You think of someone like Amanda Ruller who's now going down as an assistant coach for the Seahawks and will coach with one of the best in the business and world class trainers, etc.. can only be a positive to develop some of these amateur leagues in the long run. Ultimately these grass roots leagues are contributing to the success in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg... helps to raise interest.

Sort of like teams taking in junior players but for coaches.

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