Wolitarsky, Bombers agree to two-year extension

Well if you don't need a 3rd NI WR then why have him? Buy a pylon. Demski & Woli were used & targeted in every game which means you are USING 2 NI's. If one gets injured, you got a guy who's never touched a ball in a real game. Using your logic why train a backup NI @ OL? Why bother repping them? On the other hand you carry Borsa, Augustine, Oliveira, even Miller in case Harris got hurt. But no-one in case Demski gets hurt. Way to go. Keep drafting those RB's. You never can be too sure Oliveira , then Augustine, then Borsa go down. But hey, love your depth there.

Buddy, not sure what your issue is here. Our 3rd NI WR can be a pylon for now....unless there is an injury, then yes, we'd have to find something better if the pylon can't get it done.
AT RB, I don't think we ever had all 3 dressed at once. Yes Brady O & Johnny A were when AH went down, but if he was healthy JA was usually on the PR.
Miller rarely lines up at FB, even though that is were he slots. He is almost exculsively ST.
You're trying to say we're in trouble if someone goes down due to lack of depth, and that we need to fix that now in Feb. I'm just saying that it isn't an issue untill/if there is an injury, and for now yes the pylon is just fine.