WNBA salaries, this might surprise you

Was watching a segment on PBS about the WNBA and the politics involved playing in Russia and a comment was made (2nd link if you want more about the politics here, the PBS Newshour link) about how much more money some can make outside of the U.S. and actually they make excellent money in the U.S. WNBA pays better than the CFL average salary wise I wouldn't be surprised, which surprised me but I had no idea about this:

" Russia has been a popular destination for WNBA players like Brittney Griner over the past two decades because of the money they can make playing there in the winter.

With top players earning more than $1 million β€” nearly quadruple what they can make as a base salary in the WNBA β€” Griner, Breanna Stewart, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird and Jonquel Jones have been willing to spend their offseason playing far from home. It’s tough for WNBA players to turn down that kind of money despite safety concerns and politics in some of the countries where they play....

The WNBA has made strides to increase player salaries and find other ways [to compensate players in the last CBA,] which was ratified in 2020. The contract, which runs through 2027, pays players an average of $130,000, with the top stars able to earn more than $500,000 through salary, marketing agreements, an in-season tournament and bonuses."

PBS Newshour link discussing Brittney Griner and being a political prisoner, maybe:


The NBA came into existence when David Stern decided the NBA was going to make money on women's hoops - it nuked the American Basketball League - That said the original owners were NBA owners - and a lot of them jumped ship - It is kept alive because it would be an old testament level shit storm if the NBA and ESPN shut it down - So I think that ESPN and the NBA keep it alive on very low wages - NBA owners would rather have G League teams than WNBA teams - They haven't added a WNBA team since 2008 - it is what it is -

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WNBA recently raised $75 million in private investment which means the league is now reportedly worth $1 billion.

Their media rights are in the neighborhood of $25 million a year.

The highest paid WNBA players earns about what the CFL gets from ESPN.


Wow guys, didn't know that.

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