WNBA Ratings? Caitlin Clark Effect?

Does anyone know how much of a bump the WNBA has had in regard to ratings due to the Caitlin Clark effect? They showed her game the other night and the two teams were a combined 3-20. I guess the game sold out and her team was the visiting team. I also wonder how much money she has been worth to the league this year?


Ratings and attendance are through the roof. Best attendance since season one and average ratings of 1.3M. They should at least double their TV rights deal when it’s up for renewal next year.


WNBA tv rights are packaged with the NBA. The split of monies isn’t determined by the networks but by NBA.

Given the NBA deal is reported to increase 2.5x+, WNBA will likely get $150-200m/yr. Currently, WNBA gets around $60m/yr.