WNBA (equal pay/parade attendance)


No interest means no equal pay.

That was a cringe worthy moment .

Well if they want equal pay then they owe money for blocking the streets for a private event .

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I don't know anything about this player, but she's a cutie: https://www.wnba.com/player/stefanie-dolson/

Looks like Cecily Strong from SNL.

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Yes for Sure the face and the name .

Seriously Strong .

6 foot 5 and 235 lbs .

WNBA salaries are sort of like the CFL's if we discount the quarterback pay.

Players complained because the league has the best talent for women's basketball, yet they are paid multiple times more money by going overseas. So the top players who are willing play year-round are capable of making good money.

Stefanie Dolson = moving screen



Identical twins separated at birth.

WNBA in the US has a better tv deal than the CFL. Their finals drew 5X more viewers in America than the last Grey Cup. For the regular season telecasts this season, WNBA is probably seen by 3X more people compared to those who watch the CFL.

If nobody cares about the WNBA in America, what does that say about the CFL?


The CFL Grey cup is usually played over Thanksgiving weekend in America. Lots of competition for viewers with the NFL on Sunday night. Plus since it's Thanksgiving weekend you are looking at people getting ready to go back to work on Monday morning and have no interest in watching since they already got their football fix on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon.

Football offerings are over saturated on that weekend.

“Through 17 games (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2), the 2021 WNBA Playoffs averaged 367,000 viewers”

“An average audience of 3.9 million viewers tuned in to TSN (3.7 million) and RDS (252,000) to watch the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the CFL’s iconic annual championship game.”

…have no idea what your statement above is based on okie, fake news?

Plus the CFL has no teams and no presence in the US like a weekly game of the week on a major media platform to attract more viewers regularly .

It's all thrown in a mix around a confusing ESPN platform .

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I don't buy that.

Premier soccer is big on ESPN and there's no teams in the USA for that league.

It's for other reasons....

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«Their finals drew 5X more viewers in America than the last Grey Cup»

I think he was talking about strictly American numbers.... it doesn't make too much sense to compare US television viewership of a Canadian league to US television viewership of an American league. While not «fake news», it is absolutely the wrong comparison to make.

Needs to be indexed based on population (from Google):
Canada 38.01 million
United States 329.5 million

That's roughly a ratio of 1 to 9 (one Canadian to nine Americans).

So...divide your viewership numbers from the WNBA and the CFL respectively by a correction factor based on that 1 to 9 ratio.

If you apply the correct correction factor to the WNBA ratings to get the equivalent in Canada, the CFL ratings would be significantly higher and vice versa.

The arguments for equal pay are absolutely crazy. Players pay is generally based on the revenue the teams and the leagues make.

As for the parade, that was just embarrassing. The team and the league should have known or estimated what kind of turn out there would be before doing this. They should have just set up a gathering at a location. If there is a low turn out, at least they can play with some camera angles to make it look better.


I haven't seen a parade for an all-male indoor soccer league champion anywhere. Have you?

We all know what the end game of this parade was all about. A means to an end. I'll give you a hint and it starts with the letter 'M' and ends with the letter 'm'.

Well first it's the premier league better than MLS and it has presence on Major Regular media platforms . ESPN has the CFL bouncing around like a deflated beach ball .

No, it's over saturation of football from September to January. The CFL has its best bet for an American audience in June thru mid August.