Wk 10 3 second gut Predictions

Spent a whole 3 seconds on each game:

BC vs Ottawa: Ott by 6
Wpg vs Mtl: Wpg by 3
SK vs Edm: Edm by 10
Ham vs Cal: Cal by 16

Man, I hope you're right in every case...That would really work for me.

Yes agree! good call

Cal - Ham will be much closer .

BC-Ottawa is the one I'm most interested in this week. I could see it going either way, but I'll go with the Redblacks at home with Harris getting the start. Will be interesting to see how Jennings and the Lions bounce back from last week though.

Win-Mon could also be good. Was Montreal's performance last week a one-off or was it indicative of a new direction? Is Glenn finding his way there? A win for either team gets them really into the thick of their divisional playoff race. I'll go with Montreal by 7.

Edmonton-Sask probably won't be that great. Can Durant finally get things going? Is he shot as a pro after all his injuries? Edmonton should win big.

Calgary-Hamilton could be a great one. Calgary has looked impressive this year, but the Ticats now have Collaros back and with a couple starts under his belt. He's looked pretty good, so I wouldn't be surprised at an upset here. Still Calgary's at home, so I'll go with them by less than a TD.