WJOX FM mentions CFL on ESPN2

SEC Media Days are going on now and as Nick Saban/Guz Malzahn leading the way. CFL talk?

Listening to my friends down south as usual and a big mention about the CFL and that they were able to catch the game on ESPN2 tonight.

Former CFL QB is a usual guest show that is broadcast to Alabama, parts of Tennessee/Mississippi.

Auburn fans are excited to see their favorite CB Demond Washington play tonight. They talked for about 2 minutes and the knowledge they have for the game is evident enough to say that what I already knew. Most people in the states grew up watching the CFL in the '70's, 80's, parts of the '90s.

They spoke about the Stampeders for a quick second regarding a stud coaching staff they had with John Hufnagel- with the connection of Jeff Tedford (who coached at California) they implemented the CFL version of the spread offense to college/nfl.

Tonight's game is going to be seen by millions even though its not on ESPN but ESPN2. That channel is available everywhere and is shown most times if there is a football game in hotels, restaurants, las vegas, airports,etc

big night for the Blue Bombers!

Again, this underscores the need for the CFL and ESPN to have a 5-year, joint marketing plan...