Withaker out for Season / Bratton out for a few weeks

from La Presse:

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Whitaker has a torn ACL.

Bratton out for several weeks

Crap..... :cry:

Well, there goes our season. :cry:

Anderson is a capable replacement, but he's not Brandon Whitaker. If 2011 was the year of crippling injuries on D, 2012 is shaping up to be the year of crippling injuries on O. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarg.

Esks have 3 RB's on their roster. Maybe Popp can manage to get one as insurance for Anderson.
Nevertheless, this one hurts big time!

Unfortunate for Whitaker - hope all goes well in recovery/wellness for next season. The Eskies have their share on the D-line, but keep on Chugglin along....Sigh

Anderson was a suitable replacement while Whitaker was out for a few games. We won those games too, even without Richardson, who has been a no factor back on the field.
let's wait and see how this turns out for the remainder of the season.
Could be a good thing....

I said it looked like a season-ender, sorry to be right.. this hurts us big time.

RDS reported that Popp was talking to some available CFL vets to fill the void, I had mentioned someone like Cates as a recent retiree maybe coming back like Cobourne.. only to back up Anderson. We'll see what he can come up with, but Whitaker is our MVP.. plain and simple.
They'll probably see how they can use Devine too when he's healthy.

Richardson, Green, etc.. all run hot & cold, Whitaker is the only constant.
Anderson is a fine sub, we have to remember Whitaker was the unheralded backup not too long ago too.. so here's hoping he takes his opportunity and literally runs with it.

This only places more of an onus on the other phases of the game, to help out the injured O the other phases have to do more. The D has really been improving, but the ST is still abysmal.
They have to be way more aggressive in finally addressing the ST.

On a positive note, our best receiver is likely to return.. London will be more important than ever now.

[i]We are seriously fluckled now!!!!!! What a waste of a season!

-The Reinbold experiment on defence;
-The Bischoff disaster on special teams;
-The "Eric Deslauriersing" of Jamel Richardson;
-Trestman's stubborness;
-The disappearance of Senior ah me!

And now, the best and most complete running back in the CFL is lost for the season! FFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

We needs a running back ASAP. When does Lawrence Phillips get out of jail?[/i]

The Esks would most likely be interested in a trade for Boyd who is in playing shape, healthy, and rested. The only problem is that he did not fit in with the Argos Offense which is the same as Montreal's. Anderson could surprise and the Als have a little time to see if he can do the job. The Toronto game will be a nice test for him. Devine is also a talented RB that is versatile.
Whitaker is the best of the best though so it is the biggest loss the Als could have besides Calvillo.
Bringing in a vet who has not played or practiced all season and does not know the offense at all would probably not work. Boyd knows the system from Toronto and he may just make the effort to adjust knowing that it will be his best chance to play. He thought that he was untouchable in Toronto but found out the hard way that he was not. It would probably cost them a low draft pick maybe they can give back the late round pick that they stole from EDM in the McKnight deal. LOL

Popp should be able to find a capable (not equal) replacement sooner than later........in the meantime the Argos can't wait for week 13.

No Withaker or Bratton. Heaven help Calvillo.

Green is our best receiver. He leads the league in yardage, is second only to London in yards per catch, is second in 100-yard games (behind Chris Williams), and leads all receivers in yards per game. Does he drop the ball? Sure, he's had dropsie issues this year. But production-wise, he has been very consistent in a year when every other receiver has been injured at one time or another. Don't kid yourselves: other teams would kill to have a receiver like S.J. in the lineup. I'm frustrated with his drops when they happen, but he is the glue that holds this offense together at the moment.

a lot of top receivers on every team seem to be going through some stretches where the have the case of the dropsies this season for whatever reason it seems to be happening more this season.
Maybe it happens every season but may just be more noticed and magnified due to a lot more closer games and much more tighter standings.
Myself I do not look much into it as guys like SJ Green catch way more than they drop

the concern I have is not so much the fact balls are being dropped, it's the timing. These are you go to receivers. When the ball hits you in the numbers not once, not twice but three times in the same quarter and the ball is hitting the turf, that is concerning. The O stalled in the second half against the Riders and in particular the 3rd quarter and both Green and Richardson were a big part of that lack of performance.
Green had a case of the dropsies in the beginning of the season and then this past Sunday. In a way it's good it's happening now and not in a playoff game. As one of the go to guy's, he has to come up with better performance down the stretch and in the playoffs ( if they in fact make it) for the Als to have a chance, especially in light of the fact they now have lost Whitaker.

Really tough to see a class act like Brandon suffer an injury like that just as he was beginning to make his mark in the league. We can only wish him a speedy recovery and to be back next year stronger than ever.

Jim Popps signing of RB Chris Jennings is quite interesting. In 2009 he was ahead of Whitaker when Popp allowed him to go to the Browns. Anderson is the man now, but its a little comforting to have Jennings around.

You would have thought they would have recalled Garrett Wolfe, but perhaps he was not prepared to go on the practice roster.

The injuries are certainly starting to add up, and the only way we can finish first and get the bye, is to start getting consistent performances from all 3 units, yeah even special teams. As Popp said yesterday we get quarter flashes, but not a full game.

And this applies to the coaches too, for instance not adjusting to Sask. jamming our receivers after the 1st quarter Sunday.

Now that Whitaker is out for the season that will make the special teams that much more important. They are solid with all star Sean Whyte as the place kicker but that is it.
It may be to late to get a great return game going put coverage teams can be somehting that can be turned around quickly. I still think it would start by signing a better punter. Right now there are likely to be some quality import punters without a job. Having a guy who specializes in punting would bring consitancy to the punt coverage teams. The coverage Unit would know that the ball will most likely be punted to the place they are expecting getting them in position to cover it. With wytes Inconsistancy the ball is not punted to where the coverage unit expects in a lot of cases placing them out of position to cover it.
I am still baffled that Popp and Trestman are not looking into bringing in a kicker that specailizes in punting Sean Whyte might someday be able to handle both duties but right now he can not and winning the 100th grey cup should be a priority and improving a spot in which can be improved should be taking top priority

Opposing teams are game planning a more control offense for the Als in order to keep the offense off the field and not let them get into a rhythm. It started in the BC game as Calvillo got off to a quick start and Lulay played right into the Als hands by going for the big plays early and getting the ball right back into Calvillos hands. Once the Lions and Lulay settled and began to slow down the game and use a ball control type offense to sustain drives the Als offense were unable to get onto the field and they were knocked out of their rythm.
Also got off to a quick start against the Riders before the rider offense had a chance to get onto the field but once the game settled and they did they began to slow the game down enough and keep Calvillo off the field and also were able to use special teams to place them into bad field position.
The receivers then begin to press a bit more looking for a big play and forgetting to secure the ball first. With the limited chances in the second half the drops become more magnified because there is less chances for the offense.
Being on the field and AC throwing for 400 yards is what the Als need to do to be affective teams are countering that by limiting the posessions and knocking them off their game

Well, Marc and Jennings are on the practice roster. Wolfe must not have wanted to come back at PR wages. At least we’ve got decent depth in case Anderson gets injured.

you are taught from youth to catch the ball first before running. I realize that sometimes this may be easier said that done. But when you reach the CFL/NFL level, one hitting the turf is enough. These were not difficult passes.
In any event, this game is behind them and move forward for the Argos.

If 1 of these RBs is added to active roster, my choice is Chris Jennings; the Als need that type of RB in short yardage situation; he is also a good special teams player. In september 2011,after he was released by the Jets, I expected him to come back to the Als. I recall that not long after his release by the Jets, he was arrested by police for speeding. He is 26 years old and Marc is 29.


On foot or in his car? :smiley: