With the warm weather comes the itch for football

Man I miss Ivor Wynne on game day I cant wait till football starts. LOL slowest offseason ever without the constant signing of players we have had in previous seasons Its kind of nice having a good team but I NEED FOOTBALL NOW. lol anyways let us know what you plan on doing to pass time till preseason starts and what you did in the offseason.

Me I plan on fishing as much as I can and going through a career change atm so that should keep me occupied. The offseason was a pleasant one due to the olympics which were amazing and it was beautifull to see the entire country bond toghether for 2short weeks. Anyways please share...

Soon we shall get our fix :slight_smile:
CFL, CIS, junior CFL, NCAA, NFL, High school.Ahh, can't wait :slight_smile:

and for me the worst part of the year begins now.............the long 3 month NHL Playoff season, I think it lasts almost as long as the whole CFL season.

Best time of the year IMO is right now. I'm a hockey first second and third guy. The CFL is good because its mostly over when hockey season arrives