With the record out of the way....

Will Damon Allen hang up the cleats after this season, and retire? What do you think?

no, he said he wants to play one more season, also the argos host the 2007 grey cup and want to win it at home.

no, play for 3 more seasons and go after the running record while prepping up the new TO QB.

I saw DA on Off the Record one day. He basically stated that as long as he his healthy and on a team that is in a position to win the cup, he will be playing.

he wont get the rushing record

where is he in location to it? I know his about 11th right now, but what's his numbers and what's the record?

there is no way he can break a rushing record at 43 years old, wake up man, he cant run like he did at 23, passing at 43 is different than rushing.

so if you have no idea about the record or his numbers why do you say he should stay and break it???

Here's a bold prediction: If Casey Printers becomes available in the off-season, Argos pursue him like he's the last man on Earth. All Pinball's talk of Damon the Legend, the Superman, the Golden God, or whatever else he calls him, shall cease, and we will find out what the team really thinks of him when there is actually another viable alternative available.

If they get Printers, they claim that Allen's plan was to retire all along. Even though Allen said otherwise.

You read it here first.

printers is a joke, he should have never went to k.c. and embarassed himself, im sick of his texas accent and inaccurate passes.

Then don't watch him.

i dont watch him, i only did after the texans game and he proved to me that he trash, he couldnt even dominate against 3rd stringers in a pre-season game.

I'm still waiting on those stats Ro, we all know I don;t know them, but I'm now starting to think you don't either.

.....or you could do some research (since you're in school and all and should know how to do it by this time) and look them up yourself instead of taking the lazy way out and waiting for someone else to do it for you.....

true, but Ro was the guy that called me out on it, saying like he knows his stuff, so now it's time for him to show it, and make me look like a fool.

He didn’t “call you out on it”, he said he wouldn’t get the record, and you asked for stats.

you know what, I'll look up the recond and post it on here.


NFL's, I know Allens better than Jim Browns

In addition, he stands 15th on the all time professional rushing list (3rd on the all time CFL list behind Mike Pringle and George Reed) and as of August 31, 2006, he stood only 464 yards behind his brother Marcus.[5]

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