With the play of Revenberg...

So, I was thinking about some things over the evening yesterday. Revenberg has been quite a pleasant surprise with his play - being a Rookie makes it even more sweet. IIRC, he was able to play all over the O-Line (G/C/T) in his college career, so that brings up some intriguing thoughts.

  1. I don't think that there is much, if any, drop-off in play between Dyakowski and him. This makes me breathe a sigh of relief if a) Pete is out for longer than this game; and b) if Bomben goes down, we have a more-than-capable backup.

  2. I wonder if he's capable of playing Tackle in the CFL? I know that we have Jeremy Lewis at RT, but if Revenberg CAN play RT at a high-enough level, would it make sense to move Lewis to LT and allow us to play 4 Nationals on the O-Line? That could let us play another International elsewhere (think of Sinkfield at WR over Coates/Watt). Don't forget - we still have Mathieu Girard for backup on the O-Line.

What do you guys think? Am I way out in left field on thinking about this? Is it possible that Dyakowski's best days behind him and we should keep Revenberg at Guard for that possibility?

I'm sure the coaches will always use the ratio in the best way they can, and with the best, and healthiest, players available.

OT, even with the advancement of Canadian talent, is still a very American position. It's the hardest spot to play on the line.

How many Canadian OT are there in the CFL? Maybe 3-4?

Interesting idea. Not sure if he could take on the OT spot, but it's possible. So then the question is who would be his backup. I suspect it would be an international, as Girard can cover at centre or guard, but I don't think he's capable of moving outside. So a bit of a ratio juggle if he gets hurt in a game, with the fourth international receiver having to come out, replaced with Coates or Watt - basically what we have starting now.

Definitely a possibility.

I don't see why he couldn't one day play tackle. It pisses me off when a Canadian plays well at tackle and a coach tries to make him a guard. It happened last year with Hunter Steward starting at left tackle, but this year Wally has him playing left guard. Their was no need to move him because he played well. Watt plays the wide side wide receiver position, this is the position that usually sees the least amount of balls. What the Tiger-Cats should be doing is throwing more towards Watt's way, because after the game against the Al's we learned that he can catch the ball if thrown his way.

Could Revenberg possibly have a chance against Singleton or Loffler for rookie of the year?

here is the extensive list of eligible candidates

[url=https://press.cfl.ca/eligible-players-for-cfl-most-outstanding-rookie-award-80734]https://press.cfl.ca/eligible-players-f ... ward-80734[/url]

Singleton is starting at MLB on the best D in the league. He's a lock for ROY IMO.

Well DaVaris Daniels of CGY is having a great year and Loffler and Fogg on WPG also.
Olinemen like Revenberg don't get stats so it is tough for them to get recognized.

Of all those players, only Fogg has as many games in as Singleton, although Daniels & Loffler are both having great years. During the draft, I was kind of hoping we'd take Loffler. What's hurting Revenburg's chances aren't that he doesn't have stats, but that he didn't really get to put in any significant time until Dyakowski went down.

Great points above.

My 2 cents: I think Revenberg is the clear heir to the left tackle spot and this will be Dyakowski's last season. However I agree he was solid at Right Tackle. I think Peter made it back into the line-up because of the injury to Campbell. I don't know the status of Campbell's injury (anyone?) I don't think Ottawa showed much of a pass rush. Things will be harder against Edmonton.

With Campbell back I think we'll have the best O-Line we've had in many, many years.

You understand that Dyakowski and recently, Revenberg played at left guard, not left tackle.

I do understand that. However, I believe Revenberg played most of the last game at Right Tackle, Did he not? I don't believe Dyakowski has played any other position than left guard this season but with Campbell out adjustments were made down the line.

Against Ottawa I believe it was:

Fulton LT / Dyakowski LG / Filer C / Bomben RG / Revenberg RT

So if Campbell is back and Girard is available I'd be inclined to put Revenberg at LG but not sure then who takes over at RT?

I think it’s the highlighted statement that’s being questioned. Did you mean heir to the left guard position? Or are you saying that eventually, with a little more experience, he may end up becoming a ratio buster at the left tackle position?

I could definitely see him taking over the left guard position when Dyakowski retires. I could also see him covering as backup right tackle the next couple of years, and maybe even becoming the starter at that spot. Left tackle? You never know, but probably not for a few years.

I'm a blockhead. Sorry, I meant left guard - not tackle. Totally confusing to read.


Makes a lot more sense now. And totally agree with you.