With the NHL Playing This Season...

I was highly inclined to steal the Stanley Cup and make a cost-soluble 5-on-5 league with teams in Quebec and Winnipeg at least, possibly Regina as well.

Go Nordiques! Western Conference Champions 1995!

I want Winnipeg and QC back in the NHL!!! Fuck it! :cry: :twisted:

NO! ticket prices will not come down (do they ever??)
YES! they rolled back the salary cap (but don't be fooled) These greedy players have the best lawyers in their corner and they wouldn't agree to ANYTHING unless there was a way to make up that money somewhere else (i.e. share of TV revenues, share of arena revenues,maybe even consession revenues...etc)

Thes people are not idiots and don't care about what we have to pay to see mediocre play. REMEMBER they were the ones locked out because they were to greedy to agree to a salary cap.......and yet!!! they go to Europe or wherever and play for mere thousands a season instead of the millions they're used to.

If they can play for that there....they can play for that here. It will be a cold day in.....er.....well you know before they get my money or viewership ever again!!!!

Hey Geo, I haven't bought a hockey ticket since the late 1980's. I've only gone when suppliers brought in tickets. Now that I've retired and moved to the interior I haven't been to a live hockey game in 5 years. My son tells me two tickets to the Canucks is $150.00. By the time you factor in Parking, concessions, you are well over $200.00.

Nope, I'll watch what I can on TV, and make my "Treks" to BC Place (Maybe Calgary and Edmonton too) to catch the GOOD VALUE CFL!

Who cares about NHL hockey. Just a bunch of overpaid bums, no longer the good Canadian boys. Don't miss it and definitely I wont watch.

There is alway ways to find fairly priced tickets. Student deals (if applicable), store promotions, bar/club deals. If you really want to go, you can find a deal. If you really want to go. And I think we would be a little niave as CFL fans if we think this league is immune to 'greedy' athletes. Before you jump all over me, I'll acknowledge that salaries aren't a factor to 90 % of the players, but look at Burris in Calgary, Ray in Edmonton, Printers in BC, Sanchez in Edmonton. These guys are way over CFL type money. The "our guys play because they love it" illusion could crumble if something isn't done immediately to our cap.

Deals are nice but not everyone qualifies.

Show me ONE CFL player that earns the money of an NHl'er.!

But I guarantee you there's no NHL'er that gives the 110% that CFL'ers give!

Does anyone remember a few years ago in Edmonton when some Eskimo players rescued those people from that burning apartment building?

What have any of those lazy NHL players done here lately?

News for you.....I'm one of the biggest Hockey fans going...but I live in the real world, and there comes a point when the love the game becomes overtaken by the love of money, and when they reach the salary they're looking for, the quality of play goes down.

we ARE getting a canadian arena football league…saskatoon is gettin a team

That league is going to SUCK!!! but will be better than the AFL cuz they play 3 DOWNS on a smaller field.

plus the walls are live, so no more sissy out of bounds

I am totally happy the NHL is back. I have season's tickets to the Lions and the Canucks but the Lions are priority for me when they're playing just because they only play once a week and I can follow hockey the rest of the time. I really hope Lions fans stick with them even with the NHL back because I know Vancouver is a hockey town. The only bonus to the lockout was that I got to put $10000 back into my pocket to spend elsewhere.

It is cool that you can keep the ball if it goes in to the stands.

But I don’t like the sound of these rules:

Slam dunk TDs ???
Penalty Kicks (though that doesn’t sound too bad of an idea in Arena)
Frist Down Lineage (What the fuck is that???)

and I really hate most of the team names!

Storm though sounds pretty good, How they win the frist Championship!


I hate arena football.

I rank it right up there with that stupid basketball league with trampolines.

basketball with trampolines is awesome

well.... let us not forget that it's not a done deal yet... the players and owners have to ratify it first... and there are a lot of players that are pissed off that they sat out a whole season and are now going to get less than they would have if they had signed and played the last chunk of last season... there may not be 50% that say no to it... but there will be a bunch.

Also... the new hockey will not be the same hockey as we all remember... with all the changes that are to be made it is going to look a little different... and with the shootout to decide games you'll see more trap defence from the lower quality teams.. they'll try to keep it a 0-0 tie and get to the shootout where they will have their best chance at winning.

I'm not a hockey fan... haven't been since '94... and i don't really care if they come back or not... my hard earned $$ will still flow to the Lions... the canucks will never win a Stanley Cup... so why bother wasting money on them.

I do hope that the Canucks will win it this year or soon.

Basketball with trampolines??? is that the Halem Gobaltrotters or something else???

Actually, KK, it's called Slamball. Here's a link if you want to check it out.