With the NHL Playing This Season...

Well it looks like the NHL has a new agreement. Just wondering if this will hurt the CFL in attendance and overall interest as we know not having hockey has meant people in hockey markets such as TO and Vancouver were looking for another league to get their pro sports fix. My bro lives in Vancouver and said the Canucks were their cover story all the time but with the NHL lockout the Lions moved to the front pages. Will the CFL be relegated to the back pages again?

I hope not. My first passion is hockey (gasp!), but I've found I've not missed it as much as I originally believed I would. I've become slightly cynical towards it all, and have found new passions in which to engross myself. Several people I've talked to in my area feel similarly. Granted, we are in an area where our CFL team is the only major-league team we have, so it might be easier and more palatable for us to not flock back to the "golden" game of our nation.

While I am much more of a football fan than hockey fan, I'm glad to see the NHL back. I don't think this will impact much on the CFL other than to put CFL games perhaps a bit further back on the sports pages in NHL cities. I think that everyone knows that the NHL is not Canada's league with only 6 teams, it is the CFL, with the NHL not caring at all to put more teams in Canada while the CFL is looking to add more. The NHL laughs at Canada except the big markets like Toronto, Montreal and maybe, very maybe Vancouver, the cities that might attract people in US NHL cities to come and watch. The other cities do nothing to attract more fans to US arenas, heck, they probably think cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa are some north pole outposts.

I Noticed The Amount That Attendance Increased For Argo Games Due To The Lockout. I Am Gald The NHL Is Back Although It Will Hert The CFL's Attendance Numbers From Last Year. Many Of The NHL's Fans, Such As jm02, Will Be Discouraged From Seeing Games Because They No Longer Feeling They Can Relate To The Players Who Have Become A Buch Of Spoiled Todlers. Therefor, Overall The NHL Strike Has Helped The CFL Bring In Some New Fans From What We Had Two Years Ago.

If they never came back i would not have cared.
I never did like hockey.
Too much skating inbetween fights

The blue bombers will still be on our front page of the paper next morning from after last nights game...I can see Saturday mornings front cover on the newspaper 'Bombers fail again...' Just playing around..I do hope the bombers can win but now I went off of topic. Well, I'm glad that the NHL finally came to an agreement. Also, I'm sure the CFL will do perfectly fine even if the NHL is back.

Appairently there have been a few prison riots in the states after they started showing NHL games on TV there.

It seems the prisioners were pretty P.O'd when they saw that the hockey players were getting 2 minutes
and they were getting 20 years

As an Oiler fan, I have been so mad at the NHL for the last decade I never even bothered to watch hockey unless it was the Oilers. Even then, it was frustrating because it was like cheering for the Milwaukee Brewers in MLB, or the Roughriders in the CFL.

The new CBA should straighten out the parity in that league in due time. However, I think they have lost so many fans and sponsors, I'd be surprised if they don't open the season to a bunch of empty arenas.

CFL attendance won't be hurting - I bet most sports fans in this country respect CFL players a heck of a lot more than NHL players!

...........amen, except the part about just watching the Oilers.........

Sad to report, but our newspapers will refocus back on the NHL. We'll be back to 1 1/2 pages of football on game day. :frowning: :cry:

that pretty good. I have never been too much of a hockey fan, that being said, it will be good to have hockey back if only for the people who make money off of the hockey games such as the bars around the arenas and the hotdog vendors and ticket takers and such. Funny, you never hear these people whining and complaining that they don't make enough money. You go to a hockey game to chear on your team and have a good time, and buy the odd beer and hotdog, so you could make the arguement that the people involved in the supporting areas of the game do just as much as the players in creating the excitement for fans, yet they probly all make minimum wage. Just a thought.

Well, I'm gald hockey is back but they are going to have a hard year cuz many of there "fans" are done with the league and it's going to be hard, if not impossible to get them back. Now Winnipeg has a 50/50 shot at getting the Jeta back, either way, I'm sticking with the CFL and the BB's.

Just a lingering question....Since the players have rolled back their salarys, has anyone heard whether ticket prices were rolled back?

Try not to laugh too hard! :lol:

Just wishful thinking. (2 Canuck game day tickets would buy 1 Lion season ticket!)

well, hockey is back...but i dont really care cuz i only watch the playoffs

PS...why is the biggest news on the CFL website about the NHL?

........sort of a tip-o-the-hat to a fellow professional sports organization 32001......the stories on the front page change so rapidly I wouldn't be too upset by it.....besides, some CFL teams have actually formed affiliations with NHL teams.......f'instance, The Flames own 5% of the Stampeders and have a marketing agreement in place that sees each team support the other through advertising and 'behind-the-scenes' support services, such as food/beverage management.......the braintrust here says why compete for dollars when we can help each other out.....I don't know what other CFL/NHL marriages exist, anybody?.............

You’d think that Canadians would want their own dumb arena football league, seeing as it’d be a mix between hockey and football.


Hockey is the tastiest puddin’ pie this side of…anywhere.

Go Sharks. Let’s hope that the downtown economy won’t struggle again this year.

I love the Calgary Flames. We were already told by the Flames organization that ticket prices will not go down. Period.

My sorry butt is going to be at the Saddledome to watch that Western Conference Championship banner rise to the rafters, but until then I’m completely devoted to the CFL.

Yeah, there should be more, like when the Jets come back. I’d like it if they and the BBs formed a parthership together.

What can I say?... All Canadains LOVE hockey!!!

Yeast#5 wrote:
I love the Calgary Flames. We were already told by the Flames organization that ticket prices will not go down. Period.

Just as I thought.....The hockey fan takes in the "You know where" again.

Once again....Glad the CFL is structured like it is. A Familly of four can comfortable afford to go to a few of the games.