With the new Head Coach....Mass will be trade bait....

Damaged Goods.............
After all the hipe in early 06 with signing Mass.
The only thing that was proven was that Jason will not be the starter in Hamilton under the new Coaching staff.
Look for him to be somewere back in the West as a back-up in 07.
Good luck to him.

Because it makes sense that a known quantity like Maas will be shipped out of town after one bad year to make way for uhhhh Freakin' Eakin, who looked electrifying, or What-his-Williams.

If there's one thing that truly bugs me about Hamilton fans is the immediate hatred they develope for anyone who plays QB. So Maas had a bad year, big deal. It's not like the rest of the team played too hot either.

Holmes was chronically hurt. Is he "damaged goods?" Lumsden had foot problems in Washington, is he damaged? What about Goss and Cheatwood and Radlein and Flick. Half the team didn't show up to play for a solid four game stretch, at least. Are they all "damaged goods?"

There will be changes, obviously, but to suggest that Maas is out on the basis of a new coach (still unconfirmed) with no forseeable replacement is just more Hamilton QB hating.

Bob Young et al made a solid commitment when they acquired Maas, he'll be here more than one underachieving year. Give the guy a break.

Finally, if Maas is damaged goods, as suggested, what team in their right mind would trade for him? I'm not professional football GM, but I don't think I'd be trading anything of value for a "damaged goods" back-up QB.

boo hoo

If MAAS is really 'damaged goods', he is not going to be shipped anywhere. No one will want to pick him up.
Think about that...

The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Prediction: Taaffe will make his choices according to his evaluation of personnel in conjunction with folks in that loop. No ticats.ca speculators/Kreskin hobbyists need apply! :wink:

:D :D :D

Ought to be a fun hiring press conference to catch when it happens...

Oski Wee Wee,

The Taaffe hiring could be the best thing that ever happened to Maas.

As an aside...doesn't anybody use one vowel in their name anymore.

Heendy (formerly Hendy)

My thinking exactly, Hendy. Taaffe is great with QBs and has the offensive-minded pedigree in the CFL to boost whoever is the starter in 2007.

Considering the work Taaffe did with Calvillo in Montreal (helping turn his career around), if Maas has something in the tank and the O-line can be upgraded into a cohesive, consistent unit, then there can be optimism in that regard. That assessment has to be tempered by recruitment possibilities from elsewhere. I want to see Jason back competing for the starter's job in a meaningful contest at training camp. I don't see a lead-pipe cinch alternative available, frankly.

The February F.A. sweepstakes might allow for new possibilities. That being said, I'll be intrigued to hear how Maas and Taaffe interact and who the next offensive coordinator will be (unless Taaffe chooses to do both roles). At a minimum, there needs to be another offensive coach hired: preferably a receivers coach with input into the passing game. We need a stronger passing attack. Not necessarily more passes, just better playcalling with receivers running crisper routes with sufficient depth to move the chains regularly.

Barresi/Paopao: three-yard routes on 2nd-and 7...sorry, that regime doesn't cut it anymore.

Oski Wee Wee,

I say tell MAAS to take a cut in salary and
fight for the starting job or hit the road.
and bring in Printers to compete with him.
Don't let the ARGOS get Printers.

Printers wont come here unless he feels he's guaranteed to be a starter.

I don’t think that Maas really wanted to be here last year. Injured or not, it sure looked like his mind was in Edmonton with his family. Some players can adapt, some can’t. With his family wanting to stay behind, Maas certainly was homesick.
He also had trouble throwing the ball down field. No doubt he’s a real competitor, but I think he would be a lot happier back in Edmonton with the family.
I’m sure you’re going to see another starting QB here next year.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

Well said lads.........Well said.


He's got two vowels PLUS two consonants back-to-back! Your handle nust be "Heenndy" to fully qualify for Head Coach consideration.

You know, I was thinking of how we'll have two important people in the organization with consecutive letter a's in their names. And Maas is referred to as "Mass" here so many times (including in this thread title), probably because there are not many words in the English language in which one letter a immediately follows another. (So that mistake is understandable.) And Taaffe's name is already being misspelled quite a few times here, as the consecutive f's may be missed easily. Looks like out site will lead the league in spelling errors this year for this reason.


Seriously though, and to get back on topic, I can see Maas continuing to be here. In fact he may be even more likely to stay here. Taaffe might want to give him a chance before giving up on him. And as was pointed out in these forums quite a while ago, new coaches don't tend to go with new quarterbacks. The exception tend to be if a newly-hired coach wants to bring a quarterback with him, as is what happened with Lancaster and McManus around 1998.

And I think Maas would benefit the most from what Taaffe and Desjardins can do for him. With an improved offensive line, receiving corps, and with better playcalling, I'm sure Maas will improve.

And let's hope this will be just the start of improvements made in the off-season to the Tiger-Caats. (And perhaps I can now be known as BobYoungFaan?)


That was me who posted the forum on new coaches
sticking with existing starting QB's for the first
year to see if they still have potenial.
except in the case of ron and danny mac.
I do see this happening and also a waste of a year.
Can't someone chance this habit???????

excuse my spelling. its late.

You're excused!!!

An example of a first year head coach and a new (rookie) starter not brought with the coach from his previous team would be Jerry Williams and Chuck(er) Ealey in 1972.

BTW Something tells me with the signing of Taaffe to be announced today, I'll finally be able to change my signature. (It was getting very stale anyways).

Based on available quarterbacks these days, I think Taaffe will stick with Maas, and I'm not convinced, as many of you are, that this would be catastrophic.

I think that under the new regime, Maas will surprize some of his naysayers, and if he doesn't, what can I say?

I doubt that Mr. Young will want to bring in anyone more expensive than Maas (who also comes with a high price tag) because with the acquisitions of Desjardins and Taaffe, the purse is probably getting rather light.

I agree with the fact that Printers is a bit of a prima donna, but alternately, Taaffe may be the man to get him under control.

At this point in time, there is nothing I would rather see than Printers wearing black and gold and I agree with the forementioned statement that if we fail to sign him, he might end up an Argonaut and kick our butts.

Taaffe said at his news conference that he would take a slow approach and review all aspects of the team before making any decisions, so we'll just have to do what we have been doing for so long. . . .Wait!

I'm just glad that Charlie is the guy who will make these critical decisions rather than any of us.

On the positive side, I'm delighted to see Charlie Taaffe here as head coach. EVENTUALLY, he WILL turn this god foresaken team around.

I agree with whoever said that nobody will want to pick him up.

Why didnt taaffe ask you guys BEFORE he took the job ? Would of saved him a ton of trouble !!!

(habman)Why didnt taaffe ask you guys BEFORE he took the job ? Would of saved him a ton of trouble !!!
We asked Charlie about that and he said he was waiting for your very positive input and nothing else would appease him.