With the modest ticket increase

Will we finally get some beauty season tickets that we can be proud of? And not generic, ugly, ticketmaster tickets?

Just looking at the Argos site.

They get beauty season tickets worthy of framing. They will get an Argos tradition coffee table book as a season ticket holders gift. (beats a simple poster that not all season ticket holders got)

Plus they have a way to pay for season seats online as well as a new e-mail method to give your unused tickets away.

Just some thoughts for the brass.

I think the cats have bigger things to worry about (on field product) than the look of their tickets. lol. I guess they can be a nice keep sake, but they're definitly not worth getting in a huff about.

IMO it's important for teams to do what works best for them and not copy every other team in the league. That's boring.

The cats should try to stand out, not fit in.

Who asked you? Since I am a paying customer (Unlike you) it's my obligation to bring up what I perceive as value.

The team will fix the on field stuff in due course and has nothing to do with what I brought up.

What Reider said is true.
I don't want to pay more for fancy tickets ,but on field product ,yes.
I'd like a team photo though.

I see you live up to your name Optimist. Its all give and take...maybe the agros will do some things differently but Im sure the ticats do some things well.

Fancy tickets cost money as do "Coffee Table" books. We need to spend money on players not fancy decorations! This is a football team, if you want fancy stuff take a home decorating course and stop complaining!

Didn't we hear that line last year... something about getting ugly cheap looking tickets so they could spend the money on high quality players that were going to win lots of games for us? So much for that theory!

Yes we did ...
we did indeed

hind sight is 20/20 but if asked again about where the money should have gone for the 2006 season, I think I would have picked the fancy tickets.

I believe the Ticats did put alot of money into the team. It didnt workout so you regroup and see what a new coach and some new players can do.