With the likelyhood of an NFL lockout in 2011...

What will happen to those NFLers wanna be's next season like Dressler and then Chick who's already a practise roster man.

will Chick be a Free Agent?

what's gonna happen?

Dressler may never get a chance to play NFL because if they Lock out, there'll be no spring camps.

meaning he'd have to come back in 2011.. possibly sign an extension and therefore have no option situation after.

what about the other guys?

If they get locked out, they could ask for a release from their contracts and come back to hte CFL. This would likely shoot themselves in the foot if they really want to get on with a NFL club.
I'm just excited to think about how high the ratings/interest in the CFL will be next year with no NFL. The CFL has been getting stronger for the last few years, that trend should accelerate next year significantly!

well, I would think that practise roster players aren't officially signed to the club the same way that roster players are.

if I remember correctly, don't they have to make some sort of transaction when they call them up?

wouldn't they become FA's once the season is done?

i'm not sure how it works for the EN EF EL