With the 7th Pick in the 2011 CFL Draft the Riders Select...

Well who do you think we go after?

Hugh O'Neill.

Interesting that a kicker would be valued this high. I'm thinking a LB or DB, especially with Alexander gone and Mitchell having another serious injury.

I'm hoping we will get an O-Linemen, that was a major weak point for our running game and even passing game with DD not having much time, like someone else said I think we can probably pick up some NFL reject fora DB if push comes to shove, but I think Oline, D-Line and a LB and maybe a Kicker would be then needs in this draft.

this is the most depth I can ever really recall us having at o-line, and the d-line looks pretty good. I would look at a D-line to develop to start in 2-3 years. O-line has a lot of prospects atm...I say let them develop for a years, then bring in more. You don't want all new blood at once.

A kicker might be wise in the second round depending on how Congi is doing.

I just can't get my head around using an impport spot for a punter.

If any of these 3 are available 1st round i would welcome them to the green and white:

LB - Henoc Muamba
DL - Renaldo Sagesse
DB - Shane Herbert

I've heard now that's it's more likely you won't be selecting at all than will be.Seems Taman wants to trade that pick and already has received many an offer.

Agreed on both points although I'll add that I think we need to get DD some help in the pocket based on that October Crisis we experienced last season.

Does anyone know anything about how Congi's going by the way? I've heard that he's doing better after the injury but little other than that...

Oh, and hello again everyone! I've been involved in election campaigning for the last bit so time was tight but now I want to return my focus to the season! :cowboy:

Last I officially heard was in January when Tanam was interviewed in the Star phoenix. He mainly talked about Berry and his dismay with outpour from fans about him. The article actually kinda took me back a bit and made me rethink things. As he said in it that DD ran more for more yards than he had the previous year, yet people felt he should still run more...........sorry, getting off topic here....anyways, he said that he didn't think that Congi would kick until week 3 to 6. That being said, I have heard that Congi apparently stepped up a couple months back and said he is ready to go....though I myself have never read that anywhere laggit...3rd hand info....

as for the O-line, we are going to have issues, but they did bring in some help. There are going to be a few solid young guys in there, but they will be caught off guard at times. I think the o-line will be slightly better or equivalent to last year, getting better late, and be stable for a few years to come.

hugh Jass.


Or if he's not available, how about selecting a running back? I understand there's a pretty good french canadian ball carrier available, Jacques Strappe.

[url=http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/Riders+hoping+seven+still+lucky+draft/4742374/story.html]http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/Rid ... story.html[/url]

pretty good article over all, really talking about the draft and the need for another canadian receiver (I still think we are good...we have Sisco (future star reciever for us), and Cetoute. Now I will agree that we should pick up a utility reciever who can play SB or wide...import or not, I want to see Koch play. But we do need to bring someone in to get ready for 2012-2013 when JC is gone.

and last few paragraphs talk about Congi:
Placekicker Luca Congi has also vowed to be ready by the start of training camp. Congi suffered torn medial collateral and anterior cruciate ligaments in his right knee in the game in which Bagg was injured. Congi underwent surgery on Nov. 29. Taman hopes that Congi will be ready, but sees the draft as an opportunity to pick up some insurance.

and here is another good read on the draft:

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/opinion/There+more+success+than+skill/4599737/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/opinion/There ... story.html[/url]

To be honest I really don't think we need yet another reciever, were basically stock piling a position we already have, when we should be looking to fill up depth in positions that aren't so hot for us, I think this will turn out to be a very defensive draft for us... cause when you look at it, we have good depth at QB, RB, FB, Oline and WR/SB, where on defence were lacking at DB,LB,DL

I tend to agree, except when looking 2 years down the road. Assuming JC retires (in 2 seasons) and Fantuz does not come back, as it stands we would have for Canadian receivers:
Getzlaf - who is hot and cold (i look back at the 2010 GC for example, yet he was a star in the playoffs prior to that)
Sisco - I think he will be a star, but he is still unproven
Bagg - he is still hurt, and may not start this season...see how that goes long-term
Cetoute - not thinking he is a game breaker...don't know too much about him
.....I don't think there are any other Canadian WR on roster

So no, we don't have that much depth actually in a year or 2. Might be a good idea to pick someone up...not 1st round or anything, but still.

LB, I agree, but that will likely be an import.
DB, yes, I think this should be a priority.
DL, I view this as second on the priority list.
WR, next, as stated above
RB, never hurts to have another on the roster
I likely would not draft an OL until next year unless a name was available late that just couldn't be passed up.

RB - Not sure a Canadian will be the answer, but Cates must be winding down his career as well...I am actually thinking this will be his farewell tour. Granted, a RB is a bit easier to fill as your #1 is typically US...hard to count on a Canadian starting RB, content wise, when it is a high impact/injury prone position. You lose a Canadian #1 RB you lose a key aspect of your offense, plus run the risk of having to scratch another starter to meet quota.

Odd that we gave up our first round pick, not sure I agree with that move. We gain a 5th round pick...idunno. I suppose that this justifies bringing Graeme Bell home???? I assume he will in time inherit Chris Szarka's duties (this year or next).

Picks seem okay though. A LB would have been nice, but there was not a pile of depth there in the draft. Also a bit surprised that they chose to p/u 2 OL when we seem plentiful already...perhaps 1 OL and a WR would have been wiser?

Matt O'Donnel is a good pick, and i'm glad we got a DB in Craig Butler, but i know nothing of him really. Anyone know much more / can enlighten me / us about him? I dont really understand the second OL and i pretty much agree with the K and the RB in the later picks. Although i was surprised there was a trade down, i don't think it was all bad. I like having two picks so close together like that ( 12 and 15 ) although it would've been nicer to have been in winnipegs boat with their two close proximity picks being so high ( 1st and 4th ) overall i think we did not so bad... maybe even pretty good...


I'm glad we got more O-Linemen because no offence to any of those guys but they were pretty bad last season, I know Durant is a roll out passer but he would roll out for all the wrong reasons and that being broken protection, escpecially Best! With this young blood in there I can really see an improvement already! I like how we also got a younger Full Back from Edmonton, Bell i think his name was, and the DB that we got I'm impressed with, oh and one more thing gald we got a kicker, I swear if I see Kean, attempt to kick one field goal next season i'll scream! But I'd give the Riders draft a B- but still really good

Remember how BC played at the beginning of the season…if it is too many new faces, expect the same. They brought in 5 or 6 new guys already, most of which have never seen a CFL snap, now there are more. The 2 areas that take time to gel more than anything are the secondary and the o-line. Gotta be careful how much is changed in one shot.