With Reilly gone...?

With Reilly gone who will be the Lions back up? DeMarco has been the 3rd stringer but as a 2nd stringer I'm not so sure he has what it takes.....not yet anyway.

Does Wally have someone else in mind?

I'm thinking they are pretty high on Brown and I think they were bringing Therriault back for camp too... we shall see.

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I feel less secure at the QB position if something happens to Lulay with Riley gone.

Thomas DeMarco is only 24. He's presumably next in line but has an insignificant amount of CFL playing time. Jarrett Brown is 28 and has good size (6'4" and 224 lbs) and seems like an athletic QB who can run and throw. He'll compete for the number two spot during training camp. Certainly Wally will be looking for a QB with experience during the free agent camps the team will conduct in seven US cities, to challenge Demarco and Brown. They start in on April 13th in Ft. Lauderdale and travel to Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and La Vegas before finishing in Seattle on May 18th.

There are some intriguing possibilities from other CFL teams' rosters. Bo Levi Mitchell looks like a real gamer and is third on the depth chart behind Drew Tate and Kevin Glenn in Calgary. Edmonton has veteran Kerry Joseph behind Matt Nichols and Mike Reilly. Levi Brown and Drew Willy back up Darian Durant and J.T. O'Sullivan in Rider Nation.

In the east up-and-coming Bomber pivots Alex Brink and Joey Elliot might make Buck Pierce expendable. He's injury prone but also very experienced, the kind of guy you could call on for a game or two here and there. Hamilton has unproven Dan Lefevour behind an aging Burris. The Argos have three guys I've never head of behind Ricky Ray: Darnell Jackson, Trevor Harris and Zach Collaros. The Alouettes now have Quinton Porter, Stephen Garcia and Kyle Graves behind the Calvillo.

If I had my way Bo Levi Mitchell would be the guy backing up Lulay. He's got in a few games, is going into his third year in the league and has strong leadership skills. He's extremely confident and has made a lot of big plays. Whether Calgary would consider trading him if the right deal were proposed is anybody's guess. Kevin Glenn would be my second choice, based on the theory that, if push came to shove, Calgary would rather part with Glenn than Mitchell.

Wally will be looking to fill a number of positions: an import wide side corner, hopefully a Canadian who can play safety, an import right offensive tackle to replace Olafioye, an import linebacker to replace Elimimian and a legitimate deep threat at receiver. And who knows what else.

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Great post Dooger. Thanks. I have some serious concerns about how well the Lions will fair this coming season given some of the changes we're seeing. When Reilly had to step in for Lulay for a number of games he did very well and kept the Lions in contention to finish in top spot in 2012. With Reilly, Bruce, Simon, Elimimian and possibly Olafioye gone from the line-up it's anyone's guess where we'll be a quarter into the season unless the scouting is supreme. After 1 and 7 in the 2011 season the Lions put it all together and had probably one of the most extraordinary seasons in franchise history capping things off with a Grey Cup win in BC Place. I felt they could have had a repeat in 2012. They finished in 1st by year's end but had that one stinker of a Western Final. What is different this year? Well for one, the players are now 2 years older. I was okay with Simon being traded but not Bruce. I think Bruce will do some damage to us in an Al's uniform. Good for him if he does. I'm biased, I know. The Lions have holes to fill as you have shown. But who knows? Maybe we will be stronger than we were last year and the previous year. Wouldn't that be nice? :thup:

reilly deserves a shot at starter, but damn why did it half to be edmonton. Would have loved it to be Toronto. or ham or sask.

this is the worst qb loss for me since Flutie went to calgary and Dunigan went to winnipeg in the same yr. sob

its gonna really hurt if MR goes on to have a more successfull and exciting career that TL.

"its gonna really hurt if MR goes on to have a more successfull and exciting career that TL."...FootbalYouBet

I'm just worried about Reilly outshining Lulay in the 2013 season. Nevertheless, it will make for a great matchup. They are both very good.

At the risk of repeating myself, Bo Levi Mitchell would be a great guy to back-up Lulay. He's young and supremely confident with a very good burst of speed. He's been fortunate to learn behind Henry Burris in 2011 and Keven Glenn/Drew Tate last year. And he's had former CFL all-star QB and current head coach John Hufnagel in his ear for the last couple years. He has good mobility, excellent leadership skills, an ability to rise to the occasion and that intangible quality where the rest of the offence really wants to play for him. No other third stringer around the league has shown his poise under pressure. Of course, it is one thing to come in late, when the defences are laying off; another thing entirely to take on the physical and mental load that goes with the starter's job.

The problem with Mitchell is that Calgary probably sees him taking the two spot away from Glenn some time this season. So maybe going after Glenn might be more feasible. Glenn is a veteran chucker with playoff experience who can come in late and put a couple of majors on the board. Either way it's tough to trade for impact players in your conference.

Another source for QBs, as well as other positions, will be the seven free agent camps the team is running in the States, starting in April.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I am expecting improvement from Thomas DeMarco and he should be a solid #2 quarterback. While he only came into games last season in garbage time, he showed more rookie poise than any quarterback that I can recall (Casey Printers showed well too as a first year pivot as I remember). Brown will also be back and will likely be the #3, although the Lions are inviting Casey Therriault back to camp as well.

If the unthinkable happens and Lulay goes down and DeMarco/Brown struggle, they could, in theory, activate Jarious Jackson. But the more likely scenario is to sign Steven Jyles....who actually may be in a better position now with a stronger supporting cast and the weight of 'franchise saviour' off his shoulders.

With Ekkiot just getting released and have proven that he can fill in as a back up with two offensive players of the week last season he could certianly be brought in and compete for the Back up spot until one of the other younger QBs are ready. That is what happen with Reilly when he was ready Jackson was let go.

Wally has an amazing history of finding great players. Wally has a track record with QBs on a level that nobody around the league can presently touch from a stepladder.

there is a plan

there is a player

he is just keeping us all out of the loop.

As I suspected today the the Lions signed another QB today In Rudy Carpenter. Carpenter was an undrafted NFL rookie free agen in 2009 with the Cowboys and bounced up and down from NFL practice rosters to 53 man rosters. With no practice roster eligibility left in 2012 he was released lat in camp and with one last effort with an NFL tryout in January 2013 he was unable to land a futures contract. He has much more pro football experience than Jarrett Brown who the Lions brought in during October to the PR and 2012 rookie out of Old Dominian.
Those who thought that Buono was happy with the lack of pro inexpereince in Back ups #3 leaonard a rookie out of Old Dominion and Jarret Brown who came out in 2010 but has yet to be on any pro football roster.

RUDY CARPENTER a NFL Journeyman who exhausted his NFL options and came right to the CFL once they ran out will be 26 in the 2013 season