with regrets and apologies to ticat fans

number 1, I hope bob sticks to his guns and moves the team if they build the stadium where he doesnt want it.
second, though I know it wouldnt happen, I would wish that if he moves his team, he would move it all the way to ottawa, a city that deserves a team that they would appreciate more than the city of hamilton apparently does. That way, Ottawa gets a team, and we stay at a nice even 8 teams.

Ottawa ticats. Doesnt sound so bad

…unless you have a 905 area code…if you do I would think that sounds gut-wrenching…

I think it's extremely unlikely the Ticats would be moved to Ottawa (especially with Bob Young as owner) since Ottawa has already been awarded a new franchise. I can't imagine the Commissioner or BoG allowing it.

Hamilton's fans are just as good as any in the CFL and some of the most resiliant. I think Bob has some options and I'm pretty sure all of them would guarantee to cover loses for at least a few years. If the stadium is pulled me thinks decisions will be swift and final and at the tune of 5 million in losses a year a number that would certainly grow following such a decision. I don't think the Ticats would play any more than one more season in Hamilton. Very unfortunate...

With regrets and apologies to you, this is stupid.

As one of the three TiCat fans in Kingston, this could actually benefit me, since I could continue to support the team I always have, but much more easily. Currently, going to a TiCats game means staying at least one night in Hamilton, and usually a whole weekend. Ottawa is close enough that going to a game could be squeezed into one day without much difficulty.

I really hope it doesn't happen, though.

Bob would never move the Ticats from Hamilton. He would sell or mothball the team if he can't make a go of it there. He isn't necessarily a CFL or football fan or is in it for the money, but a fan of Hamilton first and foremost.

Why would he mothball it? The franchise is an asset. If the City of Hamilton is dumb enough to build a stadium where no one wants to play, it's probably dumb enough to buy the team that didn't want to play there.

Let's see, if we buy a money-losing team, and put it in our money-losing stadium, that has to work out good for us, right?

hamilton will never move its like our oldest franchise, and i cant imagine the league with out it

If it does move, my support for the team will end and i'll look for a new team.

you should cheer for the stamps :wink: but ya i would fight for it not to leave cause that would suck

Absolutely,140 years of football in Hamilton has come down to a stadium location.It's pathetic.

If the unthinkable does happen and the Hamilton Council chase the Tiger Cats out of town, Moncton would be the obvious landing place.
Anytime 20,000 + tickets get snapped up in 36 hours and you have a friendly Mayor it gets everybodys attention in the CFL.

Im with you on that. :thup:

The Ti-cats aren't going anywhere. This is all speculation. The Cats and Argos have the biggest and longest rivalry in the CFL. IF they moved, it wouldn't be the same. Hamilton needs the Cats and the Cats need Hamilton.

All this talk about Ottawa getting a team? They had their chance. They effed that up. Give a new city a shot. Moncton, Halifax, Quebec City, ect.

can any of these other proposed sites handle having the grey cup??? and putting in thousand of uncomfotable scaffold seating doesnt count.

Ottawa has already been awarded a franchise. They are getting a team.

Regarding moving the team, there is no way the Ticats will be moved to Ottawa UNLESS Young sells the team to the Hunt ownership group since the Hunt ownership group has already invested lots of their own money in getting a franchise for Ottawa.

Owners can't move teams in the CFL. For one, they would need league approval. The league might rather the team be suspended (like they did with the Renegades) and a new franchise allocated in the new city (then the league could reap a $15M+ franchise fee).

Secondly, for a CFL franchise to be sold and moved to a new location, the new owner must see the opportunity to make money or at least break even. There is no such vacant stadium/city available in Canada, so in reality CFL teams have no value outside of the city they are operating in. That is why the Ti-Cats will not be moving outside Hamilton or it's environs. If Mr. Young no longer wanted to operate the team in Hamilton, then he would have little choice but to sell the team to a new owner in Hamilton (unlikely even for one dollar) or just mothball the franchise.

I am quite sure BY has the cash to build a decent stadium anywhere he wants to, if he was ever to decide to go that route. Then he could offer concert groups and others cheaper rates to use his stadium instead of the other one, assuming they still went ahead and built the other one