With Norwood out, Arnaud in, lets put in another WR or RB

With adding Arnaud Gascon Nadon as our Defensive End who is Canadian we should add Terrance Toliver as a extra WR or better yet put in Michael Ford for the extra RB with CJ Gable and Anthony Woodson. We need to establish a running game if its really windy. Alternating fresh running backs in the backfield will be crucial in a windy game. Short yardage at 2nd down will help our offence tremendously. It' not the defence i fully worry about its our offence.

The problem with that is there’s no national backup for him. So if he’s injured in the game [knock wood], Austin would need to rework the defence to get a national in somewhere else - most likely Plesius coming in for Reed.

The only other Cdn de currently on the roster is Everett Ellefsen who I believe has dressed for 2 games this season and is currently on the P.R. The only problem with activating him to back-up Nadon is that you have to take another Cdn off the roster to open up a spot for him on the game day 44 maybe O'Mara will come off as he is strictly special teams and is 3rd string on the depth chart behind Reed and Plesius at mlb. Ellefsen could easily replace O'Mara on specials and that would free up a roster spot for an extra import elsewhere on the roster, possibly an extra rb (Ford or Holley) or an extra rec (Toliver or Collins)

Today on TiCats at noon, Drew Edwards was under the impression that Troy Davis would back up Nadon

8) If Terrance Tolliver was healthy and able to play he would be in the starting line up. However he is not able to play.
  Same goes for Ford, as of 2 weeks ago he still had a high ankle sprain and is unlikely to be ready for this game.

  The only other healthy  RB I talked to was Ray Holley.  He is the only one ready to go.
8) You are right Grover !!

I thought Ellefsen was a national as well. But he's listed as an international on the roster.

With Gascon-Nadon being backed up with an international (Davis), Austin might just be ignoring his national status and starting him as an eighth national. Or maybe he's willing to risk the possible ripple effect on the lineup. It's not like we haven't seen Austin take risks with the lineup before.

This is from Drew Edwards
"Defensive end Eric Norwood is out with a suspected torn ACL so Canadian Arnaud Gascon-Nadon is expected to get the start, giving the Ticats ratio flexibility elsewhere (they may use four American defensive backs.) Rookie defensive end Troy Davis will likely play in first-ever CFL game in a special teams and reserve role."

more here

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/11/20/the-ticats-have-re-discovered-their-mojo/]http://3downnation.com/2015/11/20/the-t ... heir-mojo/[/url]

That would work, with the change on the same side of the ball, as the ripple would then be Gascon-Nadon out / Stephen (a regular starter) in. That wouldn't be the case if they added an extra international on offence, as all their regular starting nationals on defence would already be on the field, so the ripple would result in a non-starting national (e.g. Plesius) replacing a healthy starter international (e.g. Reed).

That's a mistake. It was noted earlier this year that he got his Canadian citizenship before signing his contract to qualify as a National.