with less than 2 months to camp..

Where do we need some depth...

i think qb wise, we are done unless GOLZ sucks at mini camp... no more, maximum 4 i think. maybe 5 for rookie, worst one gets cut.

running back.. reid/garrett/henderson, Oost/Sadeghian thats it. i think we add matt walter rb from calgary in the draft with one of our later picks (if he's still around) and i thinks thats it also

OL- i feel we add mitchell, subtract maybe donnelly and possibly one of our imports.. january,douglas, or winn.. possibly via trade. maybe combined with one of our cdn receivers (hargreaves,ralph)

wr- probably add the canadian kid coehoorn here, and maybe another american but thats it.. could see ralph and or hargreaves not making it to camp either...

dl- Here we go, we need atleast 2 or 3 defensive end signings.. im not impressed with remond willis, i think we add atleast 2 maybe 3 defensive ends and i think thats it. maybe we take that hodgson kid with a later round pick also (he could be decent and is canadian too)

lb- definately 2 or 3 needed here. same with canadians, we need cdn linebackers also. id say this is a priority spot for the team along with defensive end at this time.

db- we are set i think.

s- we are set

sp teams - we are set.

I dont expect to see many more signings, i would guess 6-8 or 9 maybe from now until camp... not including the rookie canadians. more if some trades go down tho... what positions do we need depth at. Any body know of any players down south who might fit the bill, any possible... qb's out there to compete? receivers? defensive ends? linebackers (Middle linebackers)?? thats all we really need in my opinion.

They are getting close to the 68 players allowed in camp, plus they will have their picks which don't count towards the camp numbers i don't think. With the pre camp roster allowed to be at 75 players though they have some room to sign some players and bring them into the minicamp. They only have room for maybe 6 more signings before hitting that 68 player camp roster. There may be some players on the roster who may not make it to camp though.

Goltz/Brink making it to camp may depend on how they perform in the minicamp or again on who they have on their neg list they like that will sign. I think Mack is willing to bring in someone if he really likes them and giving them a shot.

RB - you're probably right, unless there is another RB/returner combo guy they like but I think that with garrett, henderson, and the to be announced singing of WR/KR Tim Brown though that will make up the returner battle unless things don't look too good as the early part of camp rolls along.

OL - probably set as is with the players on the roster, minus maybe Donnely like you say. I would disagree in that I'm not sure they trade one of the imports since they will need at least 3 imports on the final roster if they continue to start 2 import tackles, which seems likely at this stage. They will need all 4 in camp to have a good competition, I don't think it would be as good a challenge if they bring only 3 to camp. That's not to say a NI tackle can't unseat one of the imports over the course of the camp though.

WR - I think there can be some changes here. Any drafted player won't count towards the camp roster number so if they pick Coehorn or anyone else, that in and of itself won't affect the makeup of this group once camp opens. I wouldn't doubt them bringing in a couple guys for a looksee at next weeks minicamp. Not including draftees, you have Edwards, Carr, and TJH as imports and Watson, probably Hargreaves are probably sure bets to make it to camp. Then there's the TBA Tim Brown signing. Guys like Jamayel Smith or Chris Davis, maybe Markus Howell or even Brock Ralph, probably shouldn't feel like their TC spots are safe. If they do draft Coehorn or another reciever though, that may end up bumping someone like McHenry or even a Josh Bishop off the roster to open up a spot for another position. The depth here is where there is room for significant improvement IMO.

DL Agreed, I expect a couple of signings here. 3 of the 4 starting spots are fairly secure I think, but they will be bringing those 2-3 bodies you mentioned to provide some additional competition for Hunt's spot. They have guys who were on the roster last year in Hopkins and there was talk of maybe moving Dorian Smith out there. They haven't signed anyone new to this point, with the exception of shawn mayne but I don't expect him to start at end anytime soon. Hunt's loss hurt the team and they will be pushing to find another stud here.

LB - There will probably be at least another new face here, maybe 2. Again, the group coming back is the same as last year. They need to throw in another new face into the mix to push the competition and see if they can improve on the depth. Bowman looks like a keeper. MLB is open season right now after what JoLo did last year. Maybe its McCoy maybe it's not. Did Courtney Smith really do anything to show he deserves to stick? Merrill Johnson? They need to be pushed to earn a spot IMO.

DB - i would agree that its pretty set. This is a good returning group. You may see a guy like glover who may have lost his spot after his injury last year be released prior to camp to bring in another player for them to look at if they have someone they really like. Another NI DB would be great, for both special teams purposes and for depth. They had to scramble a bit last year with injuries, brought in James Green which turned out to be a great signing for the special teams IMO, but another depth player here would help.