with Joseph reportetly leaving Saskatchewan........

would Sask. be interested in Richie Williams? He is young, and showed flashes of excellence in 07, of course he was our best QB last year. Would they be willing to give up a starting DB or tackle? maybe we could do a package deal with Tay Cody lol?

wed be stupid to trade williams. we need a good backup with some experience in case something happens to printer.

true......... we do have other needs though. maybe we could get Crandell along with someone else in a package deal type thing.

Williams isn't going anywhere..

Please No ... Crandell
I've never been a Fan of Crandell
He Played With the Memphis Maniacs of the XFL Then Moved To The CFL
His Time left in the CFL will be Short.
Williams is young and should have Long CFL Tenure

I'd Rather Keep Ritchie he has too much upside to trade.

trading Richie to the Saskatchewan Tiger-Cats makes no sense. Why would you trade a upcoming QB for a QB on the downside. The previous GM probably would have made this trade, not the new regime.

No way Jespeh will make it in New Orleans. Not as a q.b anyway.

This team has said it wants to plan for the future so trading away Ritchie Williams makes no sense. Maybe Sask will take Chang...but I doubt it.

With our past trading record with Sask I get nervous when ever someone mention a trade with them. lets stop building their team and build our own.

Actually the most plausible case may be made for a Calgary Winnipeg trade now that Dickenson is there and Burris spent much of last season in the doghouse

How about Williams to Sask. for Wayne Smith, and D.J. Flick?

Lets get-er-done!

Williams value will never be higher.
I would trade him in a heartbeat.
He will never amount to much more than a Rocky Butler type.
Casey is our man for years.
I would rather have Jarious Jackson free agent from BC as our #2 than Williams.

Read an article the other day saying that the Saints coach Sean Payton doesnt even know who Joesph is never had a visit with the team.

I think Joesph is doing some negotiating on his own...

He better not be.

As for Joseph, he may not make it as a starter, but from what I've heard based on his previous experience he could be getting 600,000 as a backup. I'd take it. He's not making any more than that here.

Jarious Jackson is not a free agent any longer !!! He signed a new deal with BC last week !!!!

Chang is the trade bait. Let's trade him west and get back some decent talk. Why are we always getting screwed over in trades? Let's hose someone else!