with Guillory and McFadden gone,..uhmmm???

Ok i noticed, according to Drew Edwards list of players that were released...im surprised to see Guillory and McFadden both being released...uhmmm who are going to be our defensive end players?? Hickman at over 270 lbs?? uhmmm McCuaig?? im a little concerned.

Yeah, why is this McCuaig guy still on the roster......... he looks like a little choir boy.

looks like our d-lineman actually doesnt look that bad, still not gunna be near the top in sacks, but definately alot better than last year

Hickman looks great he could be a 10+ sack guy

Adams had 9 sacks last year

Mcintrye looked good on wednesday

Long looked decent as well,

the part im worried about is the canadians at DT, Kirk and Reid? :frowning:

hmmm im a little confused...not unless were going to use like Hickman and Kirk or something on the ends...but still...im a little surprised by releasing McFadden..He had a few good hits during preseason and i liked what he showed us...hmmmm...this is going to get interesting.

Hickman and Mcintrye at end, Adams and Kirk-Reid at tackle

long backing up at end

not surprised to see Guillerey go, I know nothing about Mcfadden other than he played phone booth football and supposed to be pretty good in that league.

Hickman looks really explosive coming off the edge, kind of Charles Haley esque

I guess that supper size Toeaina OL made it.

Yep hopefully as our short yardage qb lol

Wasn't it Guillory talking about getting 15 sacks this year? I guess he tanked in camp.

Justin Hickman is 6'2" 265lbs but is hands down the most explosive D-Lineman on our team... Might I add, if it wasn't for Hickman's pressure on Kerry Joseph and Hickman tipping the fumbled ball in the air, we wouldn't have been witness to Otis Floyd's amazing 92 yard rumble to glory! LOL

haha did you hear him in the post game reactions vid on ticats.ca

"i picked up the ball and just went back to my runningback days"


I would have cut the whole dline to be honest with you. No consistent pressure at all. Yes there was a sack or two but Joseph stood back and picked our zone defense apart with all of the time that he had.

MB is brain dead...

I think you have him confused with yourself..

How does his appearance have anything to do with his talent?? Thats off the charts ignorant.

Yeah, and wasn’t McFadden supposed to be a special teams beast? So much for that.

Who is Scott McCuaig #91 6' 3" 229 lbs DL does anybody remember his play seems light for a DL or is he a WR. Did he bet out all those other DLs? :?

This guy is a killer they got him especially to take on Rob Murphy. :twisted:

Ya that was too cool actually.

Oh you hurt my feelings... Lol...