With Drew on the IR for a while...

Does Carter and Cody get a chance to come in and shine?

If it was up to me, I'd have Cody replace Drew. He's a natural HB, and Carter's a corner; I would put Carter in if Estelle isn't ready to go, because I have been less than impressed with Kizer.


I really like Cody's versatility. He'll play anywhere the coaches ask him to play in the Defensive Backfield. He also can spark the Defense with a big hit. Definately a character player, and I am very anxious to see Khalil Carter dress, In my opinion, he's the best ball reaction Defensive Back on this team, when he's healthy.

I hope they both fit into this Defense.

It's amazing. On paper, this Defense is stacked. I wish it would play as one though.

Ryooon I know Cody's played various positions in a secondary, but he's a beast at HB and that's where he should play.

Hamilton, for some unfathomable reason, moved him to safety (and took a former allstar safety, Karikari, and moved him to the corner....go figure)...and Cody was like a fish out of water at safety. Keep him at HB and he'll do just fine IMO.

I as well would like a look at Carter; put him in instead of Kizer and I think we have the makings of a stellar secondary.