With Anthony out why not try for Jarious Jackson

Having enjoying many years of Anthony Calvillo at the helm maybe its time to look for a permanent replacement. Jackson would do good in montreal and he is a very good playmaker almost as good a Joseph. Its time to spend some money and this might be the guy to lead us to the cup. He becomes a free agent in feb 08.

Calvillo is back for one more year, and we still have Brady and Banks under contract. Jackson didn't impress me enough this year to make me want to sign him at all costs.

Me neither. I thought Brady showed very well, so I'm content with him mentoring under AC one more year. Banks has never impressed me, but I do hear good things about this Proctor fellow we have on PR.

So, rather than spending money chasing after Jackson, we'd better save that to get us a deep threat receiver and some pass rushing defensive ends....those are more important to us just now.