with all the releases, i can see whats going on

Ok its about 2 weeks..not even before free agency signings and i have a feeling who the tiger cats want to go after. With the release of players in the positions that there in, look at www.cfl.ca and look at the list of free agents, is it that hard to figure out who they want?? :slight_smile:


My guess is that with Starling and Curry cut, Obie will go after Tony Miles or Dominguez.

Also, with Hodges gone, Obie will pursue Dario Romero.

And with three DB's chopped, Eddie Davis could be on his way to Hamilton, too.

i can see what's going on too-he's getting rid of all the dead weight that other guy brought in here to not only make sure he was under the cap but to ensure the tiger-cats would be piss poor in '07 and get the first pick. all those guys with the exception of cody were on borrowed time and were lucky that other guy was so inexperienced that he thought they were good enough to keep. this is just a necessary step that a good, smart and qualified football person should make in order to return this team to where it belongs.
i'm not sure though that he is cutting them to make room for those FA's mentioned, it's about having good depth and those guys were probably not going to have a chance at camp with the talent being seriously upgraded by then.

city legend

Miles is too fragile at this point in his career.
Dominguez is coming of a major knee injury.
He is also a high risk guy.

The only obvious thing that the Cats are doing is cleaning out the deadwood, and looking for import help everywhere except QB and RB.

what about corey grant?? he didnt look too bad when he was in hamilton. He didnt have the greatest year with saskatchewan but i mean being a stoney creek native i know a lot of people would for sure root for him being back in his hometown area. Is he any worse then Bauman and a few other receivers from last year?? wouldnt hurt to try him out again.

No to Corey Grant. He's not good enough to give us the kind of help we need

If he is good enough to make the roster...then sure why not but I think this team is way past that point of bringing in guys just so he can have a cheering section in his hometown area...we need ball players, not nextdoor neighbours!

You can't compare a rookie to a 7-8 year vet anyway.

In 07 Grant had 38 grabs for 458 yards.. Bauman had 30 for 370. When you consider that Bauman was a reaw rookie he actually had a better season comparatively. Plus Bauman was a healthy roster scratch for the first 5-6 games.

so, what is going on then Oshawa?


Both are leaps and bounds better than what we had last year, injury risks and all. Plus, if they stay healthy they have all-star ability. I'd love to see us land one or both of these guys.