Wishlist 2012

Sign QB Dan LeFevour, release Porter. Enough said.

And so it starts......

ok it might be early to say release Porter, but, did you see the confidence of LeFevour?
He was able to look off the primary reciever and still make a play out of it. That was
something Porter always had trouble doing.

ps. look at the stats between Quinton and Dan. Porters a vet?

I am very confident by next season LeFevour will be our 2nd stringer. Porter has been here for 5 years and still looks like a rookie at times. Lets hope LeFevour continues to progress, afterall we have only seen him in one game in the CFL. If Dan can live up to the hype he once had coming out of Central Michigan, he is the perfect CFL prototype quarterback. I fear that Hank will get injured and Porter will be given the reins this season.

Pre-season. Last year Porter was our best quarterback in the two exhibition games. So which is it? Give the guy a chance under the new regime.

How many chances? I realize its a new regime, but, I was hoping to see
a new, mature Quinton Porter. (I was really hoping for the fans sake and his)
I think we could all agree that we saw the same old.

I think he's shown enough to get more than 3 (4?) offensive series in an exhibition game.

Ah, the inevitable QB debates.

I understand Porter will be a free agent after this year. Could LeFevour be that QB to move ahead of him on the depth chart?

And while we're discussing QBs, may the Forcier not be with us?

No, LeFevour showed much more promise.
btw, I did'nt even know who LeFevour was before tonights game.
You could just see the potential, might be a gut feeling.

nice fish, (oops wrong board) just wanted that to be the 100th

Let's keep in mind that LeFevour played in the 4th quarter against 2nd and 3rd stringers. Porter opened the game against 1st stringers. Juries still out on both of them, but Forcier did not look good at all. On the topic of quarterbacks, what was Cortez thinking having Burris in there on short yardage plays? On the one, it was a 6 receiver set, so very little blocking help in the backfield. This team is one banged up Burris knee from disaster. It was an exhibition ( sorry, pre-season) game. Way too much of a risk.

So I guess we should let Burris go because he had an int and a fumble? It is exhibition with a whole lot of new players, a new playbook, new coaches, mistakes will be made, deal with it! No matter who you are you have to be impressed with our receiving core. Hell Coborne should hqave a 1000 yard season. It looks extremely promising offensively.

I think the whole idea behind that was to get more Burris enough reps. Bringing in the entire short yardage team would have taken some time off the clock.

So you risk injuring your premier quarterback with two plunges into the line?

Just over a quarter of PRE season football, against a bunch of plugs many of whom will be cut and he's good enough to be Burris' back up?

Well...ok, I guess. Couldn't disagree more. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Just a theory. It's football, you risk injury on every play.

Can I put "more knowledgeable fans" on my wishlist? LOL OMG some people in my section have no clue. :lol:

The cats are in a real tough position right now because Porter looked horrid out there and he should not be a QB in any league, but saying that can you risk going with 2 rookie backups? Porter was making bad reads, throwing bad balls and once again he was running after his first look wasn't open. After 5 years he still cant figure out that 2nd and 22 isnt a QB scramble you need to throw that ball up.

In honour of Oski's "Chang Gang" (sorry Russ, but that WAS one of your off-base moments :slight_smile: ) might we be seeing some LeFevour Fever happening? Might the end result also be the same?

Only time will tell.

Just thought it might be time to bring this back, note the date