Wish list -- Urban Meyer to the CFL

If Urban is unable to recover in Jacksonville because of the bar thing, I'd love to see him get a "reboot" in the CFL.

Get him quality assistant coaches like Marc Trestman, June Jones, etc. on his side. Love to see him turn around Ottawa!

No thank you.


Urban Liar is the most overrated coach in the history of football.

He’s getting exposed in the NFL as the fraud that he is.

Won’t be long until he quits on the team - - AGAIN.


Urban 'Bully' Meyer?

I doubt that he'd fare well at the pro level. You can get away with bullying the media and young kids with dreams in college. In the pros not so much. You actually have to coach people. The best ones do it by earning the players' respect.

Besides, we already have Chris Jones. He uses up our total prick quota.

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I hear Chucky is now available.

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No! There's a chance he gets fired if they lose to the Dolphins in London. Bye week would be perfect time to change. He's not needed in the CFL -- plenty of other worthy coaches.

Trestman won 3 Grey Cups and you think he should be Assistant to this guy?

Why do CFL fans drool over CFL rejects?


A simple - - No Thank You!


Marc Trestman is another laughably overrated coach.

There’s a reason he was fired in Toronto. Might get a job in some half added UXFL gimmick league but Trestman will never coach in the CFL again.

Yeah 4 grey cup appearances with 3 wins in 7 years....real laughable


Just like Urban Liar, it’s pretty simple to win when things are tilted in his favour and he’s got the most talent.

But when they don’t have that advantage and have to do some actual coaching, both fell flat on their face and were exposed as frauds.

Trestman was a catastrophic disaster and couldn’t even make it through his second year before he lost control of the situation and the team quit on him,

Yeah, ok.....I'm done here