Wisconsin Rookie

The title is a bit misleading. I’ve recently decided to adopt the Eskimos as my CFL team. Since I’m a native of Wisconsin, I chose the Eskimos due to (what I perceive as) their similarity to the Packers. I have scant knowledge about the game and team, but am eager to learn. My unfamiliarity with the names of coaches/players will be quite evident, so bear with me during the season. Though I have never lived in Canada, I suppose my year-long stint in Alaska on the Yukon River could count toward that. Well, that and I have cousins that are half Eskimo.

You picked a good team. Enjoy the season. Under a month and a half to go. :smiley:

As you can see from the above comments, fans throughout the CFL are jealous of the success of the Eskimos. Ignore them for they know not what they say. Many would label this as simply trolling but I prefer to think of it as the product of decades of inferior product on the field, fueled by the ever so brief moment of bliss which will undoubtably be followed by decades of prairie follies. Let them have their fun, it will go away soon. The Riders by the way average a Championship every 33 years so one can expect them to be a bit envious of the Eskimos success.

Grab your Touque and your Parka and jump on board the Eskimo Bandwagon YeeHaaa

You picked a great team to follow.Im a born and raised eskimos fan,one thing though,dont believe we all live in igloos and wear parkas all year round.kind of rude.

It's true that we don't where parkas year round, it just seems that way sometimes. Edmonton is actually a beautiful city, particularly in the summer. I live in Calgary but remain an Eskimo fan and although the cities some have similarities they are for the most part quite different. I have felt far colder in McMahon stadium in Calgary than I have ever felt in Commonwealth stadium in Edmonton. There is something about the wind coming from the north and turning McMahon into a wind tunnel that chills to the bone. That being said, I have been far colder in Commonwealth than I ever remember being in Clarke stadium, the previous one we enjoyed in Edmonton. I think perhaps that had something to do with the bench seats we sat in in Clarke, I think you could squeaze a couple of extra people on the benches during frigid games as we all got to know each other a little better. Depending on who you sat beside, this was not always a bad thing.

I did a little youtubing to studying up on the Eskimos, and I think I made a very good choice as I was picking rather blindly. If I wanted to pick a team based on similarities between them and the Packers, I couldn’t have done a better job (if I must say so myself). Both are the storied franchises in their respective leagues, having the most titles and droughts between titles; although, it must be said that Five-In-A-Row is quite an achievement (all under Warren Moon, correct?). Also, in the '50’s, forgot who, but I was impressed with the guy who just about played every position on the field (was he also the coach/gm?).

Actually, during the 5 in a row, Tom Wilkinson started the first 2 and Moon the last 3 at quarterback.

The player you refer to was Jackie Parker, the greatest player ever to play in the CFL. He played quarterback, halfback, receiver, defensive hafback, punted, place-kicked and, ran back kicks. He was by many accounts the greatest player of his era, north or south of the border. Many great American college players came to Canada at that time because they actually made more money playing up here then and our dollar was higher that the American. These players included, Heisman trophy winner Billy Vessels and Hiesman candidates, Ken Ploen, Joe Kapp and, Johnny Bright.

I only remember seeing Parker play late in his career but he still cut a wide swath even then. They actually had a poll to pick the greatest CFL player ever, which was won by Doug Flutie but most of the panel had never seen Parker play. I believe if you ran the same poll with only people who were lucky enough to have seen both play, Parker would win easily. That being said, it was a great pleasure to have been able to watch Flutie in his prime, as well.

You dont think that all the Hard liquor that was brought in had a lot to do with it?

How could that be, they didn't sell any liquor at the games in those days. :twisted: :cowboy:

Maybe they didnt sell it but alot was brought in I used to make good coin as a kid collecting all the empties after the games .

I don't remember, I was too drunk.