Winterpeg in Montreal

Looks like the ALS are really giving it to the peg...that will be another big test when we go to Molson Stadium but hey baby steps Saski this weekend :wink:

montreal is lookin like the beasts of the east.

Pretty entertaining game so far.

Lots of people picked the als to really stink this year but it looks like marcel desjardins built them back up to a winner in no time!!!!!!!

Don't kid your self Beet..
IMO This is all Jim Pops Doing ..
Marcel is just a Cap Guy and paper Pusher.

Who thought a Rookie Head Coach would make them so good so quick.

28-0 Montreal with about two minutes left in first half.

Calvillo is 22/26 with 251 passing yards and 4 touchdown passes and the game is not even half over. As Cuthbert said, maybe Lumsden won't be the offensive player of the week.

Desriveuax has 97 receiving yards, Cobourne has 48. Cahoon is playing this week but they do not seem to need him as much.

In any case, Calvillo and the Als are not so bad after all, and now loss to them in week 1 does not seem so bad anymore. At least the Ticats aren't down by 28 near end of first half.

(Winnipeg did just get TD, but the Ticats were not down by 21 after first half of their game against Als.)

Break up the Als.
AC the early on favourite for the MVP.
I have to say it, its Montreal closely followed by the Cats as numero 2.

Make that a 24 point lead for the Als at the half as screen from Calvillo to Cobourne gains them 25 yards and gets them into Duval's range at the end of the half.

Calvillo now 24/28 for 286 passing yards. And Cobourne now has 83 receiving yards. If Calvillo, Cobourne, and Desriveuax can do what they are doing against Winnipeg D, then we should not be too disappointed about how our D performed against them.

wow, this is getting very interesting now, pick for td and the peg is right back in it. 31-21 still in the third.

That is the CFL at it best Beet
don’t You love it This is our Game

This game is over the total points already. Last week all four games were 'under' and so far this week all three have been 'over'. Didnt take long for offence to get going.

winnipeg has the momentum major right now.

FG by Serna. now a 7 point game

Ive never seen Calvillo do that...

calvillo finishes it.

i think winnipeg is awake for the 2008 season now tho.

Calvillo is at the top of his game again. The Als are going to be hard to beat.

But Calvillo may be injured after he gained 29 yards on QB draw that was just short of end zone. (And Watkins must be relieved now, as he dropped one that should have been TD earlier in drive.)

Banks is warming up. Not good news for Als, as Calvillo is 34/44 for 372 passing yards. And 57 rushing yards. Will Lumsden still be player of the week?

I predicted Montreal to be in a re-building year and the last place team in the division. So much for that, at this point anyway.

On a side note, if an NFL game goes to 28-0 at halftime, it's over. Really over. Switch the channel to another game, over.

Not in our game.

Will Lumsden still be player of the week?
neither lumsden or calvillo, I think it will be ray. PASSING Name CP/AT YDS TD INT R. RAY 27/41 448 3 0

Winnipeg turns it over on downs, Banks' handoffs to Cobourne take up the rest of the time in the game, and Als win 38-24.

This Montreal win is not something that would have been expected at the start of this year. The Als may be that good, and so once again, it may not be that the Ticats were that bad in week one.

And yes, it is good to see that games in the CFL are not over until the final seconds tick off the clock.