winterpeg game

I'm stuck at work if anyone is watching the game could you tell us the score thanks

peg 8 mtl 3 after 1 qtr

I never thought I would be rooting for mtl but winterpeg needs to lose


Peg 14 Mtl 3

Real-time play by play and stats listing at

thanks for the link

the als look like crap! there oline and defence is horrible! wow

Dam the one time I need mtl to win they play like crap the don needs to ajust at 1/2 time.

id say they look lost out there!

they better pick it up!

That's it for the Cat season :frowning:

Magic number for any of the teams in first place in the East is 1... and Hamilton is home-and-home with BC.

Winnipeg s***s, and so does the Als :frowning: