Winter getaways

We’re heading down to Mazatlan for the winter again this year. Just wondering where others go for their winter holiday.

…Costa Rica

Haven’t been there since 91, what a beautiful country! You spend the winter?

…no, just a couple weeks at a time…my wife and I do short term mission work with Samaritan’s Purse there…mix in some charity work with our surfing ;D

…last year it was El Salvador…beautiful country, bad gang problems…

…is Mazatlan a permanent spot? (you said ‘again’)…

This is our second full winter, been going to Mexico since 88. This year we’re going to drive down and pull a trailer with 2 motorcycles on board, drop the trailer off in Arizona somewhere and take the truck and bikes the rest of the way. Wife and daughter are driving the truck back the end of February, my buddy and I are riding the bikes back the first part of May. This could be fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

…wicked! that sounds like a blast! I finished this past summer rebuilding a 1985 yamaha xt350 that I look at and think “man, I should ride you to tierra del fuego, see a penguin”…and then the harley says ‘no take me take me’…what do you ride?

Got an 04 Triumph Speedmaster, it’s gettin’ a little long in the tooth but so am I. We’re actually meeting a couple of friends on our way back, to do a side trip back into Mexico in Baja, then home. All in all, about 6000 km .

my living room

sometimes my rec room

I spend all my money in Canada :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Same with me FYB, I am told I need a passport to travel outside of Canada. Is this true? 8)

I stay here too. Sure it’s cold and the driving is bad sometimes BUT there’s no earthquakes, no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no bush fires, no droughts, no malaria, no bugs…