Winter Blahs!

Is anyone else going starkers these days? Its a long winter with no CFL, but luckily, Ive got plenty of activities to keep me going. We couldn't take our usual trip to Florida this year because we couldn't afford the time and to add to this, winter has been unusually harsh.

I long for some exciting Tiger Cat news regarding the acquisition of new playing personnel and reasons for me (all of us) to look forward to the approaching season.

Our local media is in a CFL news rut these days, looking for something, (anything) to report .

The Weekend Spectator, of coarse, has reached an all time low with it's ten sections; "Sports" being the smallest. I've had it up to here with hockey and high school sports, but I presume there's nothing else to report.


I.m having a terrible time deciding how to word a response to this.
My first reaction is to commiserate. Yes, it's been a bad winter. Yes, we all have suffered through harsh weather.

Then, my meaner instincts surface. Couldn't go to Florida? Oh, you poor thing! Had to stay here with the peasants! Live with it!

Finally, my better instincts. Ignore all that and just agree that we need lots of Ticat news. Can't wait!

OK, reality. It's too early for any meaningful news. Throw some names around. Play the guessing games. Drum up some fake enthusiasm. Kid yourself that under the surface important events are taking place. Anything to spike your interest.

All things considered, back to option two. Had to stay and suffer without Florida? Tough!!!


I offer this to those who are starved for affordable Canadian sports.

Go see a Toronto Rock game. Here’s a link that will give you $12.50 off any ticket you buy through ticketmaster.

[url=] ... orontorock[/url]

Enjoy, and let me know if you are coming I have a pregame party before every game and y’all are welcome!


I think Wilf has successfully catalogued the range of responses that came to mind... well done!!:slight_smile:

On a slightly different note, my sweetie and I just caught an entertaining Bulldogs game. Still, the TiCat jersies that dotted the stands got me thinking about the season again... and more than a little football talk found its way into our conversation. Hmm, only a week until daylight savings... :wink:

I cant wait until the season starts. I'm so pumped up right now. Hopefully we have a good/decent season this year. I've even converted some non-fans to being interested, so much that they're now starting conversations about the ticats when we talk, not me :smiley:

Winter.. i can do without for a while now.. please no more snow!

Thank you very much for THAT mental image...

From Ocala Florida: 18 holes of golf in the morning to return to caesars and screw drivers at noon, then a swim, (a nap) followed by happy hour and dinner. Life is good in sunny Florida.


Whatever happened to Roller Hockey?
Well at least we have Arena Football to look forward to.

Not only was it a good game (even though we lost), but it gave me a great idea to kill the winter blahs I was feeling. They flashed an annoucement on the screen telling us all to vote for our very own Jason Farr on Media Idol. Needless to say we lit up the lines on that one. :wink:

You’re welcome. I had you in mind when I wrote it. :smiley:

not much to add except , looking out the front window at this blizzard, I'll agree with the title of the thread....WINTER BLAHS !!

YUCK! :thdn:

Oh my god......we've all heard of "pouring rain"......well it's "pouring snow" right now.........a solid wall of pure snow falling......I'd say about 5 cm / hour

....... :o

We've got over a foot now and apparantly this is just the beginning of the real snowstorm ..ughhhhhh