Winston October

Does anybody know if Winston October has been released??? I noticed Lamar has is number (9) in the new roster however i couldn’t find any article about October being released.

October is a freeagent, and the eskimos have not re-signed him.

I heard he was a bit of a sh*t disturber in the locker room. I had a feeling that he would not be back. I just don’t know if it is offical.

I never heard that, but than I am an Eskimo fan living in Airdrie ( 5 min. north of Calgary) so i don’t hear alot. but now that makes sents, I was wondring why thay wern’t re-signing him.

What gets me is i went out and bought the "offical CFL jersey with hand stiched lettering and numbers for my daughter ($180.00) with Octobers name because he was her favorite player and now it is obsolete. I guess i will wait until the roster is complete before buying any team stuff in the future.

I feel for you