Wins and Loses!!!

I have read many good and bad points about the ticats in the last of couple of weeks! There are many upset fans whether it be at the ticat performance,coaching, general manager, and or owner.

Bottom line this game that we love so much is about WINS. It does not matter if the team is playing hard or getting better. Im sure the players play hard and the coaches...teach as best as they the gm tries to find the right talent and chemistry. We all pay to see our favorite team win. Yes we are not going to win every game but these type of outcomes have been consisitent here for a couple years. The respnbility of this or any organization is to put a winning product on the field.This has not been the case for a couple of years. So the fans have right to be upset. This is game for victories not participation

So all that being said.. im not a coach,player,general manger, and or owner..but something needs to be done. Whether it be releasing players, demoting/firing coaches something has got to give. Cause the product that we have not it!