Winnipeg's Thrid Jersey

This is what I have to say abou it (See the BB’s forum for the pic):


OK, no that I got that out of my system (I just throw up if you are wondering, I do exactly what Preid says and it was my first look! ), JESUS CHRIST!!! WHAT KINDA FUCKING BULL SHIT IS THAT!!! DOESN’T REEBOX NOT TAKE THE BB SEROUISLY!!! PLEASE TELL ME THAT THEY AREN’T WEARING THOSE ON MONDAY!!! THEY AREN’T GONNA HIND THE BLOOD STAINTS!!!

Although the pants are very nice, and it abou time we had a gold jersey (if Winnipeg hasn’t had one already) and a classic retro vitage design but my god!, that is hiddose!!! IT’S TOO FUCKING BRIGHT, IT NEEDS TO BE DRITY GOLD!!!

is that a new W? it should have a light bolt football throw it!

with so much Gold we can bind BC into defeat! :lol:


Kanga.... the Jersey is a throwback from the past. They look pretty sweet I must say and yes they're going to wear them on Monday. The old W is our old logo from the past. I think it looks really cool and once the game starts on Monday and you see the Blue & Gold wearing them on the field with all the gear - you will like them!

not likly ( :cry: crying tear of blood :cry: )

old W, fine but there is a reason that we now have a w like a lighting bolt football though it.

throwback, how so?

Thank God it only comes out once a year..........

Well like Bob Irving said, "People will like them (Me) and people will hate them."

They wanted to make the jersey resemble the past and they must have thought by bringing back the old 'W' that would do it. I think that it looks awesome. The third jersey that they made, they tried to make it look like the old jerseys they had in the past. I think they did a good job!

I am just not partial to the colour, they should have stuck with blue jerseys and the whole retro or yellow on white wont intimidate anyone, just ask the Esks.....

The Esks jerseys were… just wrong. It’s only one game we wear this jersey. It’s not going to kill anyone.


I like it, but KK how do yo really feel about it?

hate them, needs more blue and needs to be drity gold, and I have always hated the new design becase it makes Winnipeg look like the Rams, I would have loved it if they just kepted the old jerseys which were barly 10 years old and maye just chaged one thing about them like make the colers gold instead or white and instead of blue for the away ones. They should have keeped the main logo white instead of blue becase of tradision, I don't mind the 'new' blue W but I like the white one better.

the thrid should have been based on the old 70's, 80's, early 90's old design and in dritly gold with blue as secondary color and maybe the old pain Blue 'W' on the pants.

this new current jerseys are just bad. they need more blue and need to be dirty gold.

I mean, I didn't just intrerest throw up for no reason. LOOK AT THIS!!!


thanks to stigallfan for the pic.

Thanks for this photo, but on another one KK like you I saw the helmet with just a plain "W" on it. Do you know whether this retro helmet will be used just like the paws on the Lions earlier this year.

Highly likly.

I don't mind the whole "going back to our roots" thing and I really pefer simple logos like the CFL does then the NFL, but just a W doesn't do it for me and it just to basic. They current logo we have right now is SO much better than the plain old 'W's and it conbines all the logos that Winnipeg has had in the past with a Lighting Bolt, and W, and a W with a football. It's just better.

When I went down to the Stadium today, I seen the jerseys. Everyone was basically wearing them and they looked awesome upclose. You guys will like them. Well Kanga might not but I know most of you all will!

Looked awesome on TV. BB&G were they on sale at the Peg?

I really like these jerseys. They're a unique colour and the design is simple.

just wish that they be a driter gold and have more blue and the 2004 desgn, that's all. :cry:

Would've looked much better with blue pants instead of white.

No those work

I had a chage of heart, I like the new thrid jerseys but I don't love them! :wink:

I like them

There was something missing with those outfits... Maybe some gold sparkles in their hair?

Remember the wrestler Gold Dust? I think the Bombers stole his outfit.

The difference is Gold Dust dresses like that as a joke.