Winnipegs stadium bids inside scoop. Asper has competition

OK Here is a serious inside scoop in regards to the New Bomber stadium and why they are taking so long.
There are 4 very serious bid and all are equal to Aspers in one form or another.
My source of this information comes from a Grey Cup ring wearing customer of mine and it is dead on accurate.
Ok here is the scoop.

There are 4 serious bids.

  1. Aspers bid at the Polo Park Location. We all know about it.

Now here is where Aspers competition starts getting serious.

2nd bid is from a American group.
This American group has a bid as well at the polo park location. This group is not really in it for the football but for the investment on the real eastate. I do not know much more about this bid but it is from a group of investors south of the border.

Ok now the competition gets even more serious.

Canada Inns has 2 bids in and they want it really badly. Canada Inns really tried to out bid Asper from what I am told.
Their bids are:

3.The Hendingly location. This was the proposed toilet bowl bid at the exhibition grounds.

There second bid

  1. Former Canada packers plant location in St Boniface. This land is sitting empty right now and Canada Inns wants it really badly.

From what I am told the reason why the Bomber B.O.D. are taking so long is because the other groups have really tried to go out of their way to out bid Asper. And the competition is feirce.

Anyway its not news that Canada Inns wanted the stadium deal, but what is news is how seriously they are trying to out-do Asper. They put in 2 bids for pete sake.

Anyway your thoughts.

I see so what they are doing is stopping Asper from doing something for the people of Winnipeg. Thats see:

  1. Asper who has helped bail out this team a few times is not trustworthy so get other interested parties according to the local government. He has a hughe interest in the football club.
  1. An American company which has no interest they are in it for the mighty dollars no community interest other then taking money out of the community.
  2. Cann Inns who have shown over the years support but thats face it they have been an over glorified sponsor.

What this means? Like the Jets the local government and community will screw it up and get an upgraded Can Inns stadium. The Bombers will suffer for years to come to compete. Asper will take his money where it is appreciated.

These purposals are nothing more then a smoke screen and the right choice is for the taking yet for some reason the people that make decisions is going to screw it up once again. I just do not understand how any one with a right mind could turn down a guy that wants to put a top notch facility into the community, look after the football team and has the communities best interest in mind.

What’s to think about? :lol: :lol: Yes only in Winnipeg! Beerbarons I feel for the fans of this city they have to sit watch this crap.

Good news.

Now where are these people in Halifax?

The Asper bid is probably the most popular with the fans as he is seen as an honest guy who wouldnt jeopardize the franchise. But, the BOD, and King Lyle might lose there jobs if Asper is in control. How then can they be unbiased in this decision. That is why many fans want a citizens watchdog group looking in on this process, which starting to gain some momentum in the press.

Asper already said, lyle and his buddies will keep thier jobs or have similar jobs if Asper is to become owner...

For the immediate future only, Asper could clean house in a heart beat.

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Stadium process looks murky
Winnipeg Free Press
Thu 05 Apr 2007
Randy Turner

IT'S curious how politics and power, and who controls what, seem to be the essence of so many debates in this town.

Any town, for that matter.

We have the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, a team in search of a new, less dingy residence. Almost before it began, the process was caught up with manoeuvring and posturing.

The football club now has two proposals under consideration; one being a $145-million bid by David Asper at Polo Park and another by hotelier Leo Ledohowski, price tag in excess of $200 million, at the former Canada Packers site in St. Boniface.

The CFL club's board must now decide which horse to back, a task that appears easy enough but looks murkier under the surface.

Remember that the fundamental difference between the Asper and Ledohowski proposals is this: Asper wants ownership and control of the team, Ledohowski does not. Which means that without question the possible privatization of the community-owned team will be central to the debate, regardless of any we-just-want-the-best-thing-for-the-football-team spin you'll probably be hearing over the next few months.

Let's deal with that first. There was probably a time when community ownership of the Bombers was not only essential but a source of civic pride. While other CFL teams took turns floundering under private owners, the Bombers, Roughriders and Eskimos remained solid league citizens.


Today, most of the strongest franchises are operated by well-heeled businessmen -- the David Braleys, the Robert Wetenhalls and Bob Youngs -- who aren't shy about spending to make their teams competitive, with varying results.

When the Bombers were $5.4 million in the glue not so long ago, private ownership might have been considered, but only as a last resort. Now that the organization has scraped and clawed its way out of the poor house, suddenly handing the reigns of control over to a private businessmen isn't nearly as appetizing.

The point, however, is that while private ownership has its drawbacks, obviously community ownership isn't a panacea, either. Why private ownership of the Bombers is considered taboo in some quarters is a bit of a head-scratcher. The Goldeyes and Moose are privately owned and both organizations are light years ahead of the Bombers when it comes to marketing and promotion -- and profit, for that matter.

Meanwhile, the Bombers under community ownership, haven't won a Grey Cup since 1990. That's going on two decades, folks, into a period of time referred to as "a generation."

Ambitious bid

Look, we're not saying that Asper's ambitious bid should be given any more merit then that of Ledohowski. But it shouldn't be penalized because it involves the transfer of power from the board to a private citizen, either. Come to think of it, won't this decision inevitably boil down to the awkward and potential conflict of interest situation where the Bombers board members will essentially be deciding their own fate?

I mean, they have the control now, right? And now they've got to choose between two proposals -- one where they retain power, the other where they don't?

Don't know about you, but that seems to be a situation fraught with questions.

At the same time, the Ledohowski proposal is essentially adopting (or hijacking) an earlier plan that was presented and funded by the football club itself. Seriously, if I'm Asper, I'm not exactly liking my chances if the Bombers are already in bed with the competing bid.

Here's one motto to live by: Don't believe what people say, believe what they do. The Bombers' board members, under president Ken Hildahl, are on record saying they will judge the proposals without bias and make a final decision that's in the best interest of the club. Frankly, their actions are saying something quite different.

You can question some of Asper's antics in the past. You can even question whether the vice-president of CanWest Global can even raise the scratch to pay for his vision. But you can't question his commitment to the Bombers or the sincerity of the bid.

The Bombers board has been saying a lot about fairness and impartiality.

Maybe it's time they actually did something that didn't scream the exact opposite.

...IF ...certain groups are seen by Winnipegers, defeating the Asper bid ....not on merit....but as a way to protect their own future...then there will be hell to pay down the road IF...and when things start coming off the rails ,as far as the football club is concerned...The right decision better be made now.....cuz there might not be a second chance....Lets get on with it.. :rockin:

Well lets not forget that Canada Inns owner Ledohowski has 2 bids in right now. And these Canada Inns bids are very sugar coated in my oppinion.
I am however thankful for Canada Inns sponcership over the years, but I do question both the locations of their bid.
I honestly think that Exhibition grounds in Headingly and the St Boniface Canada Packers sites are horrible locations. I would to be a bus rider attempting to go to a game or a driver sitting through the 1000 red lights and slow traffic having to drive to those locations.
In addition, if the Canada Inns bid wins and a new Canada Inns stadium was build, then it really only solves the stadium issue but does not solve the financial issues with the team.
Yes the ers are in the black, but they are in the black because depts were forgiven and the grey cup revenues helped pull them out of the red.
Truth is , the ers did not get out of the red on their own.
Asper would not only give us a stadium, but secure the Blue ers future for the life of Can West Global.
Never have I seen a man with such a pasion and vision for the Blue ers as Asper.

Truth is, its a Win/Win situation for Winnipeg either way, but I am on the side of Asper all the way.

So far their is no plan to renevate the current stadium. All of the bids are calling for a new stadium.

This is actually the first I had heard about Canad Inns' second offer. I've been studying for finals lately so I've kept myself buried away from the world the last couple of weeks.

After reading it though, I honestly like the Canad Inns proposal a lot. First of all, while I realize the St. Boniface location may be worse for some people, the fact is that this location would be great for me. Not only is it closer to my house but the traffic would be significantly lower in the area and there would probably be a much better parking situation.

Then there's the fact that Ledohowski doesn't want ownership and control over the team. Nothing against Asper, he is a great guy for the city and I don't question his commitment to the Bombers in the least, but things change. What happens if 20 years down the line he or his children decide they don't want the team anymore? It could be sold to anyone!

Without knowing any more details than those that were presented in this topic, I honestly like the sounds of the Ledohowski offer better at the moment.

Personally, I'm happy with all of these bids.

I don't care who they pick, as long as a new state of the art stadium gets built.

What thats truely hope they do not think like you. The problem is that this team needs help now not in 20 years time. The Bombers can not go on for 5 years with out financial stability. You are thinking 20 years down the line when at this time they would be viable for new ownership or the community to get it back. But in the meantime what are you going to do have Grey cups played in Winnipeg every other year so they can survive. The Bombers are at a stage where the Stamps were when they were community owned. We all know what happened there. Asper's plan is best because it includes the football team. Community ownership will not help in the future of your team. By having a stadium owned by the person that owns the team gives it stability. And also in Asper plan the commmunity ends up owning the stadium eventually. It is a deal that can not be over looked. The Can Inns deal is fatal for this franchise and the fans of the Bombers.

The Bombers can not go on for 5 years with out financial stability? Last I checked the Bombers have survived 77 years without private ownership. Why the doomsday attitude now? And yes I am thinking 20 years down the line. 20 years later I still want to be able to go to Blue Bomber games.

I'm not totally dismissing Asper's proposal, all I'm saying is that on the surface the Canad Inns proposal doesn't sound too bad either.

I don't mind any of the other bids except the american one

The problem BD is without the Grey Cup last year and the $700,000 gift from the CFL the Blue Bombers would be in some trouble financially. You can not expect this to happen every couple of years and you can not expect Asper to bail your team out each time as well. What he has done it a couple of times. If you as a fan can not see the trouble ahead then you are going down the same road us Stampeder fans did. Then we had to do the SOS program to buy us one year until a buyer came forward. Even Lyle Bauer stated that prior to last year. Unless the Bombers do something to make more money the problems are a few years ahead. The Riders could find themselves in the same boat not far down the road as well. The Riders seem to know how to raise money when required but sooner or later the fan base just might say enough is enough then what?
I would sooner go with a deal where not only you get a new stadium but the team will be finacially stable. The bills are paid up front and the recruitment can easily be done with out counting the pennies.

people... Consipracy theorists are so funny.

There is still alot more that's going to happen, who is to Say Asper won't be given a chance to beef up his proposal?

People act as if Canad Inns are just recently interested in a new Bomber Stadium, should people not remember THEY HAVE BEEN PART OF A NEW STADIUM PLAN FOR OVER 2 YEARS NOW!
Trying to figure out where and what kind of stadium would be best.

Now why did they not announce something last season? to not interfere with the Grey cup and all of those plans, now that's over and the current plan for the Bombers is a new Stadium. It's going to be between Canad inns and Asper.

Personally I like Aspers Stadium, but I have yet to see the Canad Inns one, I don't want a covered Stadium, but they may propose a very good stadium, their Stadium could be seen as better for the long term viability as an indoor stadium that's properly made can hold many more events without having the expenses so high as to hurt the buildings viability(as BC's Stadium has expenses way to high)

And no matter what the Team still needs to find the funding, Aspers plan requires Government help as will the other ones, so the team needs to figure out which one is most likely to get the government go ahead, Doer will help the team but will harper? will Katz?

let's dispel some of these Myths about the canad packers site.

  1. It will smell, but an indoor stadium shouldn't. There would be an issue for that walk fromt the car/bus whatever to the stadium.

  2. Canad Packers if far away.
    Actually the Canad Packers Site is Closer to Winnipegs Downtown, From Portage and Main it's 1 Minute(or over 1 KM) then Polo Park.
    That is not much but it is still Closer and it is Closer to a part of Winnipeg with many many bomber Fans(Transconna, St.B and St.Vital) There are easily 10K+ Fans who regularly go to games that would benefit from the closer stadium location.

  3. There will not be Parking, THE SITE IS HUGE!
    Parking will not be an issue.

  4. There will be no Routes to the stadium.
    Are you Joking? Look at the size of the site, ROADS WILL BE EXPANDED!
    Better yet fans can disperse in all 4 directions as right now at the bomber Stadium it's more a 3 direction dispersal.

  5. There are no Bars/Restaurants to go after a game?
    People, there will be 2 years and again a giant site to build up some Bars/Restaurunts, it is true there are no kid friendly places close by(except Tim Hortons), but in 2 year Canad Inns + developpers would surely build up some other places(like another Hooters)

Does this mean the Canad Inns place not necessairly. but it's easier logisticly then Aspers build on the same space.

Aspers plan does have good merits too, but it will be a hard decision which is better so GIVE THE BoG TIME!.

I do not live in Winnipeg so do not have an opinion on which site or propsal is best (I am just excited and hoping that a new stadium goes ahead, a new stadium for the Bombers is good for the entire CFL). What excites me is the hype and interest in building a new stadium. Why is this competition and desire not spreading accorss Canada? If private individuals (including Americans) want to build a new stadium in Winnipeg, why don't they want to in Atlantic Canada or Quebec City or London? Why is the CFL (and these other cities) not courting the non-sucessful bidders and trying to convince to build elsewhere?

The new commish should have this as the priority on his mandates.
Going cap in hand to the federal government and with the various prospective cities designated for expansion and requesting all federal loans subsidies avaliable for stadium loans.
Then, a similar visit to each provincial counterpart for its share.
If the league wants expansion to 10-12 teams, it has to initiate the process as sitting back waiting will not cut it.

Barnes, this is Winnipeg.
The roads will not be expanded anytime soon.
It took 50 years just to build the Morray street bridge. Heck, look how long it took to build the Keneston overpass for a train.
I do agree with you on the site being huge though.