Winnipeg's new stadium over-budget

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Shocking news! No, not really. This happens with every stadium project that's publically funded. Developers (and anybody doing a tender) deliberately lowball the estimate knowing full well that once construction is started, politicians won't let the project fail.

Maybe one day we'll get politicians who aren't idiots and sign contracts that aren't susceptible to this... but probably not.

Well if they keep it for another 67 years I dont' think they'll have to worry about making their money back on it. Espescially with the idea of being able to hold Winter Events there for year round usage. That could really help the area grow and attract bigger events. I think i was reading 160 million? They should be able to pay that off and then make a profit for the rest of it's life. Should be exciting.

I think it will get done, Winnipeg needs something when the whole area floods and they need to get as many people into a stadium that is somewhat pleasing to be in for a while while the water level drops. And Canad Inns isn't that place. 8) The MTS Centre as well of course, it looks nice and the baseball stadium.

When you look at what Sask. is putting together, it makes Winnipeg look like a bunch of backwood hicks that can't tie their shoes. ... windex.htm

What are they going to build the new stadium out of, milk crates, 2x4s and duct tape? Why not put Red Green in charge of the project & the mayor can supply the beer for the volunteer labourers :lol:

I think that the Winnipeg stadium looks way better then the Sask one , Sask's looks like a hockey arena.